Bottom Line – Between U and Me

Bottom Line
Between U and Me
1995 (no label)
South Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Scott Thomas – Lead Vocals
Russ Cootey – All guitars
The Unstoppable Rev. Chim Chim – Bass
Jeremy Orris – Drums

  1. Pull the Plank
  2. Between U and Me
  3. Stand Up
  4. False Fase
  5. Apology

Another nondescript cover, but it is from 1995… so probably not metal? They do start off with some crunchy guitars and metallic riffs. But there are also some hardcore break-downs as well, while the singer sounds like a mix of Dig Hay Zoose and Ugly Kid Joe. As this goes along, my best guess is that they are doing 90s groove metal with a bit of funk metal thrown in. The overall mix on this tape is really thin – you usually hear a think, bass heavy sound with this style of music, so that is why I am not totally sure of the style.


Deep 4 Life – It’s Time to Repent


Deep 4 Life
It’s Time to Repent
1995 Kross Road Records
Houston, Texas, USA

Side 1:

  1. Ain’t No Player Hatin
  2. Southern Conversation

Side 2:

  1. Make Love to Your Mind
  2. Life or Death

I wish that I had more time to search YouTube and find more stuff like this. People are uploading all kinds of rare tapes. You can listen to this one below. This is mid-90s rap, which I don’t know a while lot about in general. I was more of an 80s rap fan. But this reminds me of T-Bone. They went on to release the full-length One Foot in the Grave in 1996, with all 4 of these songs making another appearance. Also, all four of these songs were on a four song 12-inch record called One Foot in the Grave as well. I’m not sure who all is in this group – Klas One is listed on discogs, but there is also a picture of ten people there as well. Klas One went on to release some solo CDs as well.

Thresh – Demo

1995 (no label)
Poulsbo, Washington, USA

Jeff Schronce – Guitars, lead vocals
Duffy Williams – Bass, vocals
Scott Snyder – Drums

  1. Shovel
  2. All is Well
  3. Repaired
  4. Where I Stand

Hmmm… a three piece band from the Seattle area with a 1995 tape. I wonder what style this could be? I thought this band name was familiar, but I couldn’t find much info online. After searching my music files, I found where I have heard of them before: they had a song (called, well, “They”) that was featured on an HM Magazine monthly sampler, as well as one of the same magazine’s Pick of the Litter compilations. They have an 8 song CD after this tape, but I can’t find any more information on it. Grunge is a style that can get tiring fast, but this band does a good job of mixing in enough alt-rock sensibility to keep it all interesting.

Update: After digging up an archive of the band’s website, I found out that Jeff Schronce used to be in the metal band Paragon with Paul Roraback of Grammatrain, and Scott Synder used to play in alternative bands like Human Condition and Mercy.

Yukon Fudge – Sensation Resistance EP

Yukon Fudge
Sensation Resistance EP
1995 (no label)
Lumberton, New Jersey, USA

All songs written and performed by Garth Kolbeck

Side 1:

  1. Hey Na Na Na
  2. He Can’t Play Just Like Chuck Berry

Side 2:

  1. Count Me Out
  2. Message From Victor

To be honest, I listened to this one just because of the name of the band. It seems to be a one-man punk band. The sound is a bit pop punk, but to be honest it resides somewhere between Green Day, The Dead Milkmen, MxPx, and Thee Spivies. Fun and light-hearted punk rock that is written and played well for that genre (which means, you may or may not like this style, but they do it well regardless of one’s personal tastes). I also found another song of Yukon’s called “Hit The Lottery” on a compilation called Waiting for Punk? on Twisted Records in 1998. BTW – the song “Message from Victor” is an instrumental with a slight surf rock influence.

Stereotype – Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost
1995 (no label)
Bartow, Florida, USA

Jason Joseph – Lead vocals, background vocals, keyboards, bass, drum programming
Tom “Tony” John – Lead guitars, rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars

Side 1:

  1. Paradise (Lost?)
  2. Your Eyes

Side 2:

  1. Do You Believe (in Me)?
  2. HeavenSent (G-Town Mix)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this tape based on the cover (and seeing that one song is a “G-Town Mix”). There is a bit of a hip-hop feel to the cover, but there is also a bit of a rock feel. But it is also two guys. After listening, I am going with the rock tag for sure. There are some crunchy guitars, but just short of being hard rock. There are also a lot of keyboards and acoustic guitars. Nothing really alternative to it, and the song structures and vocals have a pop feel to them. The programmed drums also add another, different flavor to the sound. So I am not totally sure exactly what they are going for – but it seems to be a less alternative rock mixture of the first two Jars of Clay albums. Kind of.

Seven Day Jesus – Seven Day Jesus (3rd Demo)

Seven Day Jesus
Seven Day Jesus (3rd demo)
1995 (no label)
Huntington, West Virginia, USA

  1. Light
  2. A Time to Heal
  3. Strength
  4. The Hunger
  5. Pose
  6. George
  7. Ice Cream Man
  8. Bag o’ Nails
  9. Salut Ca Va

This is the third and (as far as I can tell) final demo by Seven Day Jesus before they signed with 5 Minute Walk Records. It also seems to be the most well-produced of the three.  All of the songs here except for “A Time to Heal” and “Ice Cream Man” were on their last demo Sustenance, just in slightly different versions. But “Ice Cream Man” is a short joke song with a banjo… so I am not sure it counts. “A Time to Heal,” “Strength,” and “The Hunger” were the only songs here to make it on to The Hunger. Stylistically, none of the bands demos vary much from what you can hear on The Hunger. While they were a grunge band in some sense of the word, they really transcended the “grunge” label.

Missing Information: Cover, who played on this?

Ivory Castle – Ivory Castle

Ivory Castle
1995 (no label)
Custer, Washington, USA

James Allin – Wrote and performed all music
Steve Polluck – Wrote and performed all music

Side 1:

  1. Inside Your Lonely Place
  2. Land of the Warriors
  3. The Restless Sea
  4. Eternal Paradise

Side 2:

  1. Ascending Beyond
  2. Whispers
  3. From Divine

This was a bit of a surprise. The cover and name really doesn’t say much about this demo, but the thank you notes mention Paramaecium, Mortification, Seventh Angel, and others in capital letters. Turns out those three bands are a good comparison: doomy death metal with a hint of thrash here and there. Well, except for “The Restless Sea,” which is a keyboard instrumental dedicated to James Allin’s “Viking forefathers.” This is a two person project, but I am not sure who did what. Ross Assink of industrial band Arbitrage was onboard to mix and engineer the project (which probably also explains the drum machine sounding drums). This recording is lo-fi and has some limitations, but still serves as a good demo that serves up the promise of a decent to good studio album if they were ever signed. Maybe they were and changed names? I can’t find much else about this demo online. Most songs (except for the instrumentals) are 5-6 minutes long, with “From Divine” stretching out to over 12 minutes long.

Update: James Allin went on to form a one-man band called Visionaire that put out two albums (Mystical Dominion in 1998 and Within the Arcanum Hall in 2000). Then he formed a band called Century Sleeper with Ian Arkley – they released an album for Bombworks records (Awaken in 2006). Also in 2006 he changed the name of Visionaire to Ikarian. As Ikarian, he has released two albums so far (Phantom Minds in 2007 and A Shrine of Fire in 2014). Thanks Matthew Hunt for the updated info!