Du Laim Brainz – Fool of It

Du Laim Brainz
Fool of It
1997 (no label)

Steve Hook (and others?)

  1. Disfunctional
  2. Discover D&X
  3. Hardly Copy
  4. Sludge
  5. The Chain
  6. Hiur Intelajunse

This is an odd tape that I traded for. The rumor is that it is Steve Hook of Empty Tomb, but it seems there are many other voices on here. It is pretty much skits, with no music. Mostly right wing critique of left wing ideas (or at least, the weird view of “left-wing politics” that is popular in evangelical churches, but not really based on reality). Of course, 20 years later we know that people on the extreme left and right wings of politics rarely understand each other, so this is just an example of one side of that. I am sure there are also some left-wing versions like this as well. Worth maybe one listen, but cringe worthy at best. Unless you find Alex Jones credible 🙂


The Reckless Ways – Desperate Kiss

The Reckless Ways
Desperate Kiss
1997 (no label)
Los Angeles, California, USA

Mini Mendez – Vocals, bass
Steve R – Guitar, lap steel
Michael Plew – Drums

Produced by The Reckless Ways with Michael Misiuk
Engineered by Michael Misiuk at The Bell
Mastered by Tom Parham Audio Prod.
All songs by Mini Mendez
Arranged by The Ways

  1. Yesterdays Fading Away
  2. Cynthia
  3. Yours and Mine
  4. (I’ll Never) Walk Away

The Reckless Ways is one of many bands that Mini Mendez formed after The Holidays broke up. Way back in 2011 Mini stated he was hoping to get these songs online soon, and it has finally happened (there is also a demo track called “Alive” on the Turn Back Twice collection as well). You can listen or purchase on the BandCamp page (see embed above). The Reckless ways found Mini expanding the power pop alternative rock he was known for in The Holidays. The catchiness and infectious melodies were still there, with a bit more rock added to the music. The band history from the BandCamp page:

Formed in 1994, pop/roots trio The Reckless Ways played mostly in lost hideaways and small dives; places with names like Haven, JJ’s Lounge, Boar’s Head; places that for the most part, no longer exist. With their guitar ‘n’ melody-driven sound, The Ways didn’t quite fit into the grunge-covered musical landscape of the ’90s, but that never stopped an upbeat and loud live show. After three years of gigging, the band released their debut EP, Desperate Kiss in 1997, only to pack it in by year’s end.

Octane Blue – Octaphonic

Octane Blue
1997 (no label)
Luray, Virginia, USA

Dan – bass
Brent – Guitars, Vox
Sonny – Guitars, Vox, Synth
Josh – Drums

  1. Polarois
  2. Where Dreams Meet Concrete
  3. Annie Phetamene
  4. Octaphonic Tracers
  5. Two Seventeen A.M.
  6. Dedicated Logistics
  7. The Dawn Treader

This is a cheap purchase I made from Ryan out of Oklahoma (who I highly recommend as a seller because he always comes through solidly). He didn’t know what it was. I did some research and thought they were an offshoot of Slamcat because there currently is a cover band called Octane Blue that features Janna from Slamcat. Not sure where exactly this band is from, but they recorded in Luray, VA. Also, no Janna, and it sounds nothing like anything she has done. This is emo that leans toward screamo occasionally, but also heavy alternative at others. They also list some other bands in the thank you section (Junksick Morning, Substance, and Electric Sheep) that I need to look into. Nothing about this online now – they list an old Tripod website (http://members.tripod.com/octaneblue/), but it was excluded from the Wayback machine! Stop doing that people! Good quality recording and music, just a bit disjointed at times. It sounds more like a band trying to find their sound rather than mixing different ones, which is not a bad thing. It’s actually why I like tape demos so much. I would rather hear a band trying out several styles rather than copying one to death over and over again.

Missing Information: Last names of band members.