Harry Gore and the Measles – Rough Unmixed Demos

Harry Gore and the Measles
Rough Unmixed Demos
1999 (no label)
Richmond, Virginia, USA

Harry Gore – Vocals, guitar, lead guitar, bass on track 3
Mervin Nickel – Guitars, lead guitar
Henry Gerber – Vocals, bass, guitar on track 3
Mark Corvino – Drums, percussion

  1. You’ll Never be a Girl
  2. Receive
  3. Father God
  4. (Ain’t Gonna Live a) Godless Life

This is basically Harry Gore and the Measles, that released the album Subtlety Goes Out the Window in 1994 on Frozen Rope Records (the same label that gave us the debut CD from Four Living Creatures believe it or not). These are very rough demos – hard to hear they are so unmixed. But this is still the same catchy power pop that the Measles are known for. This demo is also a snapshot into how crass believers can be at times towards people that have different views. The first track is exactly what it sounds like – making fun of a transgendered person that goes to get a sex-change operation. And you wonder why the transgender community is leaving church, and has much higher suicide rates? This attitude was rampant in churches at the time (and still to this day). People that aren’t Christians have a different set of values – learn to deal with it people. “You’ll Never be a Girl” and “(Ain’t Gonna Live a) Godless Life” later made it onto Stockpile, Volume 1 in 2002, and “(Ain’t Gonna Live a) Godless Life”made it on to Emmanuel Labors in 2018.