Glenn Rowlands – Under the Desert Moon

Glenn Rowlands
Under the Desert Moon
1993 Floppy Fish Records
San Bernadino, California, USA

Glenn Rowlands – Vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, xylophone, Big Bird, rain stick, bamboo flute, some percussion

Ron McClure – Drums on “Holding On,” “Under the Desert Moon,” and “Losing a Friend”
Deanna Quillman – Backing vocals on “Losing a Friend”
Robert Powell – Drums on “Help Me Understand,” “Rain on Me,” and “I Don’t Have Anything”

Side 1:

  1. Help Me Understand
  2. Everything is OK
  3. Holding On
  4. Reign on Me
  5. Under the Desert Moon
  6. Somebody Done Ya Wrong

Side 2:

  1. Jesus Wept
  2. My Boy
  3. I Wait for Your Rain
  4. Someday
  5. I Don’t Have Anything
  6. In the City
  7. Losing a Friend

This has been another high priority tape for me for a while. I actually used to own this tape, but then it disappeared. I didn’t sell it, so someone must have walked off with it. Anyways, Rowlands is the guitarist for thrash / hardcore / death metal band Wicked’s End. This was his solo debut that shocked quite a few people that didn’t realize band members could have diverse tastes. The main influence here is classic rock from Led Zeppelin to The Beatles. I liked it back in the day, and it still holds up today. It is DIY and rough in places, but that is part of the charm. About half of the sings (“Everything is OK,” “Reign on Me,” “Somebody Done Ya Wrong,” “Jesus Wept,” “My Boy,” “Someday,” and “I Don’t Have Anything”) were re-recorded / updated for Rowlands’ 1994 CD Time Will Tell. The rest were left on this tape. Also of note is that Wicked’s End drummer Robert Powell joined Rowlands on a few songs, as did Towne Cryer drummer Ron McClure.


The Paul Q-Pek Band – Truth Be Told

The Paul Q-Pek Band
Truth Be Told
1987 (no label)
Austin, Texas, USA

Paul Q-Pek – Lead vocals, guitars
Sam Nunes – Bass guitar, vocals
Michael Willoughby – Keyboards, vocals
Phillip Owens – Drums, vocals

  1. Truth Be Told
  2. Kingdom Come
  3. Lowery
  4. Boxes
  5. Tear Down the Walls
  6. The Healing

If you ever heard the Cool Tunes compilation, you probably heard the track from the Paul Q-Pek Band and wondered if that was a one-off song in a completely different style than Paul’s main band One Bad Pig, or if he really had other sides than punk? Well, his solo CD eventually answered that, but now I have this demo tape to confirm that he was indeed going for a keyboard alternative rock style for the whole demo. It’s actually pretty good. There are still some similarities here and there to One Bad Pig – like the gang vocals in the title track (and the fact that OBP drummer Phillip Owens plays in this band as well). But otherwise this is different than the Pig in most ways. “Mrs. Lowry” and “Boxes” are not really songs as much as sung or spoken word performance pieces. As you can see from the cover, this tape has no title listed, but other sources have it as “Truth Be Told,” so that is what I call it here. Q-Pek had at least two demo tapes from the same period: Wrestle for You and Passion & Fear.

Black and White World – Demo

Black and White World
1989 (no label)


  1. Raise Your Flag
  2. Face of a Nation
  3. SCOW
  4. Reckless Boy
  5. Lecture Hall

Finally – I have been looking for this one forever. While the longer 1990 6-song demo by Black and White World is rare, it is much easier to find than this one. This is BWW at their earliest and rawest – but they still have a good sense of their later alternative rock identity. In fact, this really isn’t too far off from the sound they became known for on their Blonde Vinyl releases. Seeing that this in a 1989 release, they are actually a bit ahead of their time with an alt-rock sound that didn’t really become that popular until the 90s. Most of these songs were not re-recorded later except for “SCOW,” which was renamed “Captain of the Scow” on their 1991 S/T Blonde Vinyl debut. Also, I used to refer to this as a 4-song demo, but it turns out there is a 5th unlisted song at the end. It cuts out early but is still mostly a full length song where they sing about lecture halls, so that is what I called it. Overall, a short but classic rare demo from deep in the underground.

Willoughby/Wilson Band – World Walking By

Willoughby/Wilson Band
World Walking By
1985 Frontline Records

Allen Willoughby – Bass, background vocals
Jim Wilson – Guitar, vocals
Ric Blair – Guitar, keyboards, vocals
Bob Bounds – Drums, percussion

Side 1:

  1. World Walking By
  2. Make It On My Own
  3. Hall of Mirrors
  4. Throw Your Money
  5. Emotions

Side 2:

  1. Standing in the Wake of the Storm
  2. Educated World
  3. City’s On Fire
  4. Break Down the Walls
  5. Ready for the Storm

This is some early new wave / progressive rock that leaned majorly towards the pop side of the spectrum. This seems to be one of the first releases by Frontline Records, before they started absorbing several other labels and putting out all kinds of styles. This particular release is a very well written and recorded album. It appears that there may be some other releases by this band, a second album and / or an EP as well. It seems this was also released on vinyl, but I don’t think it ever made it onto CD.

The Juggernauts – Wild!

The Juggernauts
1989 (no label)
Ingle Farm, South Australia

Cameron Emerald – Lead vocals
Milo MinderBinder – Guitars
Golden Gordon – Bass
Ruby Orbison – Keyboards
Keith Maniac – Drums

Chris Soole – Saxophone
David Gardiner – Trombone
Mark Williams – Trumpet
Joanne Huges – Backing vocals

Side 1:

  1. Empty Cross
  2. The Greatest of These
  3. Trust On
  4. Jesus Took My Burden
  5. The New Jerusalem

Side 2:

  1. Stand Your Ground
  2. Receive
  3. Excuse Me Physically But I’m Rather Undimensional at the Moment
  4. On the Road

This is a rather eclectic release. You see all of these horn players listed on it, but it was recorded in 1989. So not third wave ska. Maybe cheesy rock? The first song starts off with no horns – its kind of a funk hard rock song that was kind of getting some attention in the late 80s. The second song is… reggae. That’s where the horns come in. Then it’s back to a funky hard rock song with a bit of groove that feels inspired by Adam Again (especially in the keyboards). The album does keep on style jumping, but the main focus seems to be a groovy / funky hard rock / metal sound. With horns thrown in on some songs. The vocalist sounds like the singer from Dig Hay Zoose in many ways, but the band doesn’t get into the frantic funk that DHZ was known for. Its like a funkier Ugly Kid Joe with several horn-based rock songs thrown in.

Dan Donovan – Root

Dan Donovan
199? Independent

  1. Pretty Thing You
  2. Broose Again
  3. No Bad Dog
  4. Arms of Clare
  5. Things Jus’ Is
  6. Fragile Flame
  7. Wild Eyed
  8. Moments Like These

This is kind of a mystery release from Dan Donavan. I don’t know when it was released, and I haven’t seen the cover to it, so I have no idea who played on it. It seems that it is a compilation of songs from other albums. Some songs, like “Pretty Thing You,” seem to be close to the original versions. Other songs like “Broose Again” seem to be very different versions. Overall, it is a mostly acoustic / folk album. Most of the songs seem to have come from Dust Shaker (“Pretty Thing You,” “Broose Again,” “Arms of Clare,” and “Fragile Flame”), with one coming from The Leven Dell (“Things Jus’ Is”), one from Tribe of Dan’s The Bootus Red (“No Bad Dog”), and one from a compilation called Seahorse (“Moments Like These”). Only one song – “Wild Eyed” – seems to be unique to this tape. But, I have to note, that since I can’t find the date this was released, these could all be early demos for what was later recorded.

Missing Information: cover scan, what year was this release, did anyone other than Dan play on this?

Say-So – Say-So

1986 (no label)
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

  1. Fire Song
  2. Celebration Waiting
  3. Strengthening My Grip
  4. Say-So

There seem to be several Say-So demos out there before the band got signed in 1997 to Organic Records. This one was posted online a while back and I missed it (that is where I got his – the Willfully Obscure blog posts a lot of really cool obscure music). This tape is a bit more progressive new wave than their later albums, which tended to be more alternative rock / pop rock. I am assuming husband and wife duo Kim and Jim Thomas were involved with this, but I don’t know who else might have been. They always put out a quality album, so I wonder why it took nearly 10 years to get signed? There are some great songs on this one that should have gotten them signed in 1986. As far as I know, the next demo by Say-So was You Lift Me Up in 1988. But that could be wrong – who knows what else is lurking out there?