Ted Goodwin – Intuitively Obvious

Ted Goodwin
Intuitively Obvious
1991 (no label)
Orlando, Florida, USA

Ted Goodwin – Synthesizer, drum machine, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, miscellaneous voicings, various mangling and manipulations of tape, assorted heavy machinery

Side 1:

  1. The Age of Reason (Part 1)
  2. Intuitively Obvious
  3. Destructive Tendencies
  4. Heart Over Mind
  5. Almost Clear
  6. Just the Facts, Ma’am
  7. Believing
  8. I am Joe’s Brain

Side 2:

  1. Multiple Choice (Option A)
  2. Multiple Choice (Option B)
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Imprisoned Spirit
  5. Return to Reality
  6. Unspoken Words
  7. It’s All There for You
  8. Hidden Truth (IAJB Reprise)
  9. The Grand Assumption
  10. The Age of Reason (Part 2)

If you can’t tell by the cover, this album is a little bit different. Technically, it is almost all instrumental electronic music, but more new wave/alternative in nature. “It’s All There for You” has vocals. Buried in the middle of side 2. I hate to say Tangerine Dream as a comparison, because that still covers a lot of ground. Anyways, if you can imagine a new wave electronic band existing in the 1990s that did instrumentals, you would have the sound here. However, song lengths are all over the place – from 59 seconds to over 11 minutes. So at times there is a prog-ish long song “repetitive-but-then-suddenly-change” feeling to some songs.


Grease Pot – “The Beach” Cassette Maxi-Single

Grease Pot
“The Beach” Cassette Maxi-Single
1992 (no label)
Massillon, Ohio, USA

Spiney Cottage Cheese Butt Hair Lips

Side 1:

  1. The Beach (v1)
  2. The Beach (v2)
  3. The Beach (v3)
  4. The Beach (v4)
  5. The Beach (v5)

Side 2:

  1. ?
  2. (instrumental)
  3. Vinyl Dreams of a Leather Sofa / America / Snack Machine / (untitled)
  4. Let Me Speak
  5. (instrumental)
  6. America / (untitled) / America the Pitiful

This is one trippy 10 song “maxi-single.” Well, kind of ten songs. The five songs on side one are 5 different versions of a song called “The Beach.” Mainly they are messing around with the vocals and solo instruments on each “song.” Side 2 is also five songs (three without names) that are even more experimental. The liner notes imply this tape was improvised, and you can tell. Kind of alternative-leaning  experimental. This is the kind of music that would fit in with The Furnace Room, Plan 7 Dist., and Corpquii Music. In fact, IDY has also released some solo albums on The Furnace Room. Oh, and there is language on this one for those that have problems with that.

Castaway – Original Soundtrack Part 1

Original Soundtrack Part 1
1986 Plan 7 Dist. (P7D-003)

Castaway (Mike Futch) – All vocals and instruments

Side 1:

  1. Castaway (Main Title)
  2. The Void
  3. Technicolor Wreck
  4. Thundertown
  5. Dream of You

Side 2:

  1. Chill Me
  2. The Fall
  3. I Told U So
  4. The Mountain
  5. Castaway (Ending)

For those not in the know, this is a solo project from Mike (Bing) Futch of Nutty Faith / Crazed Bunnyz / Johnny Quest fame. This is the first of at least three parts to this series of solo tapes. The sound here is a bit more mellow than the Crazed Bunnyz, but still with the quirky, out of the ordinary sense to it. The songs are also still electronic based – probably with less guitars than other projects. I don’t think this was actually a soundtrack to any real TV show or movie – I think it was Futch writing music for an imaginary movie. But I could be wrong.

Graveyard Cafe – Fresh Ground

Graveyard Cafe
Fresh Ground
1992 Corpqii Productions
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Marc Plainguet

Side 1:

  1. Oblivion
  2. The Church of Holy Profits
  3. Godzilla vs. The World

Side 2:

  1. Barbie’s Lament
  2. Afterlifestyles
  3. 100% Pure Beef

This is another Marc Plainguet project. I think this is all Marc, but there aren’t any real credits on this tape other than all songs were performed by Graveyard Café. The sound on this tape would have probably fit in with the Slava artists back in the day. There is an industrial vibe on these songs that is not just from the electronic instruments. But there are also many trippy elements on here – like the rap vocals on the first track. It’s all part of the weird coolness that is Marc Plainguet. Even the ways I would describe it don’t fully capture the sound. This tape seems a bit more accessible than other Plainguet projects, even though that aspect is probably countered by the comfort-level pushing lyrics.

Secret Archives of the Vatican – Whiteflower of the Blackberry (Chapter Three)

Secret Archives of the Vatican
Whiteflower of the Blackberry (Chapter Three)
1991 (no label)
Croydon, England, United Kingdom

Vince Millett

Side 1:

  1. Heart’s Desire
  2. The Wind Among the Reeds
  3. Torc of Twisted Gold
  4. Craneskin Bag
  5. Trembling Mist of Peaches

Side 2:

  1. The Lost Tribes of Albion
  2. Eclipse Over Golgotha
  3. Whiteflower of the Blackberry
  4. The Yellow Leaves of Endseason

This demos continues the evolution of Secret Archives of the Vatican. While it is still less techno/electronica than later albums would become, it also still finds them experimenting with many different world music styles from various countries. I say “them” because I believe there were two people involved in the project at this time, but I need to go back and check some articles to be sure. At this time they also put out a side project called The Shockin’ Holy Saints, although I am not totally sure if this demo or that project came out first. I love eclectic world fusion music like this, so it is always a treat to see SAotV in the tape stacks I get. The last track on here seems to get the closest to the electronic world fusion music they grow into later.

Marc Plainguet – Amebas in Love

Marc Plainguet
Amebas in Love
1986 Corpqii Music (CM-1)
Los Angeles, California, USA

All music and text was written, produced, and performed by Marc Plainguet

Side 1:

  1. Amebas in Love
  2. This Science
  3. Afterlifestyles
  4. Barbie’s Lament
  5. Gaia
  6. The Mountain

Side 2:

  1. Binary Life
  2. Cubist
  3. Chemical Dreams
  4. The Plumber’s Nightmare
  5. The Desert
  6. The Uncle Sammy Show

This is where is all started for Marc Plainguet and Corpqii Music. Well, as far as I can tell. The sound is what you would expect from Plainguet – quirky, trippy experimental electronic music that takes a sarcastic look at the ironies of modern life (as of 1986) through a Christian lens. Many people felt Marc was outside of mainstream Christianity in his lyrics. Sometimes that is true, but at many other times this is not the case. It all depends on where your beliefs fall, of course. This tape seemed to set the standard and style for dozens of future experimental underground electronic Christian releases to follow.

La Voix Celeste – La Voix Celeste

La Voix Celeste
La Voix Celeste
1984 (no label)

Side 1:

  1. Superstition
  2. A Nation Cries
  3. Epic

Side 2:

  1. Phases
  2. Superstition
  3. Epic
  4. Untitled
  5. A Nation Cries

So you may be wonder why there are 3 songs listed on the left of the cover above, but 8 songs listed above, and then another list of 5 songs added to the cover in handwriting? It seems that side one (labeled just “La Voix Celeste“) was recorded in 1983. Then, those three songs were remixed and two more were added in 1984, and those five songs were placed on side 2 (labeled “LA VOIX CELESTE 1984”) while the cover was changed by hand. At some point, it also seems that there was just a 5 song 1984 version released as well. Not much info on this tape, but it is some interesting electronic/new wave music. I can’t tell if this is a one person project or a group, but this person or people were good at writing music. There are either two different vocalists, or one person that can sing in different registers. My guess is that this is from England, as there is a “British” sound to it, a import sticker on the inside of the cover, and Corndon House comes up in England.

Missing Information: who played on this, location