Marc Catley – The Peel of Hope

Marc Catley
The Peel of Hope
1991 (no label)
Bury, England, United Kingdom

Marc Catley – Guitar, vocals

Side 1:

  1. Jesus is Ace
  2. This is the Day After Yesterday
  3. Father God Almighty
  4. Times Seven
  5. Make a Joyful Noise
  6. The Clap
  7. Lord I Really Just Want Lord to Praise You Lord Just I Really am Right Now Lord
  8. Dance
  9. Other People are Puzzling Over Questions
  10. Worship the Praise
  11. Jesus

Side 2:

  1. My Guardian Angel Drives a White Sierra
  2. Classical Acoustic Heavy Metal
  3. O My Jesus You are Lovely
  4. Forward Masking
  5. My Biscuit Barrell Says Jesus is Lord
  6. Endless Nipples Upon the Seashore
  7. I am so Very Happy
  8. Pure White Music

This tape is pretty much a lot of short to medium length songs by Marc Catley doing satire of society and church. While these are mostly acoustic guitar-based, there are some other instruments and sounds thrown in here and there. The cover and tape labels are also made to look like someone took a copy of Peel Tower Hop, covered up some letters, added a few others, and came up with The Peel of Hope. There are also about 3 songs listed on the j-card that are not on the tape. Some of them, like “All of Jesus’ Sins”, are obviously left blank because that is the point the song is trying to make. But I’m not sure why there is no song at the end of side one called “Two Forty-Nine.” Must be some old British joke I don’t get. Anyways, if you enjoy Catleys other releases like This is the Birth of Classical Acoustic Rock, then you will also enjoy this one as well.


Derek Lind – Strange Logic

Derek Lind
Strange Logic
1988 Someone Up There Records (SUTC 107)
Auckland, New Zealand

Derek Lind – Vocals; 6, 12, and high-strung acoustic guitars, electric and slide guitars
Dave Bridgeman – Electric guitar, lap steel
Guy Wishart – Electric, slide, and acoustic guitar
Pale Sauni – Bass guitar, percussion
Alan Brown – Synthesizers, acoustic piano, casio-tone
Steve Garden – Drums
Steve Garden – Percussion
Ra Lind – Backing vocals
Shona Sauni – Backing vocals
Adrianna Pink – Backing vocals

Side 1:

  1. Strange Logic
  2. Any Other Way
  3. Give You My Life
  4. A Friend
  5. Local Body Politics
  6. Waiting on You

Side 2:

  1. State of Play
  2. Questions That Need Asking
  3. A Man Who is Without
  4. Rhyming Dictionary
  5. God of Plenty

This tape was a frustrating transfer. The tape was just too stretched out or something to get a good rip of the first song, no matter how many different ways I tried. Some tapes just need to be played once to get past the decades of being stuck together unplayed on a spool. Not this one. There is probably some major damage. Luckily, the first song on here was also released on Lind’s Salvo Songs compilation, so I can find a good quality version of it for sale many places. “Strange Logic,” “Waiting on You,” and “State of Play” are all on Salvo Songs as well, but the other 8 songs are not. This is a very rare tape to find. Which is too bad – it’s a great tape of Rock/American/Folk like his other albums (Slippery Ground from 1993 and Stations from 1995 are probably the ones you are mostly likely to have heard of… possibly…). Oddly enough, though, you can find several videos on YouTube from this album:

Spike – Save the Children

Save the Children
1989 The Furnace Room
East Canton, Ohio, USA

Terry McCabe – Vocals, guitars

Side 1:

  1. Intro by Chris Yambar
  2. Sanctuary
  3. Writer and Singer
  4. Old or New
  5. Always by My Side
  6. Newave

Side 2:

  1. Sodom and Gomorrah
  2. Celebration Day
  3. The Song That is Never Heard

So this is the last Spike demo (that I know of) to cover for this blog. This tape is actually a live recording of an acoustic concert that Spike (aka Terry McCabe) did for the Birthright organization. It contains a spoken word intro by Chris Yambar that tells all about McCabe. There is also an insert with the tape that tells his history. This concert was recorded in 1981 but released in 1989. So it seems that all of these Furnace Room tapes were meant to get older music by Terry released to a wider audience. This concert was just McCabe and guitar, so it is interesting to hear acoustic / unplugged versions of songs like “Newave.”

Marc Catley – This is the Birth of Classical Acoustic Rock

Marc Catley
This is the Birth of Classical Acoustic Rock
1986 Plankton Records (PCN115)
London, England, United Kingdom

Marc Catley – Vocals, acoustic guitar on “Help Me”
Paul Donnelly – Keyboards, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, classical guitars, drum machine
Jeremy Cooke – Keyboards
Alison Donnelly – Vocals

  1. Love
  2. Write Your Will on My Heart
  3. Help Me
  4. Peace
  5. The Answer
  6. New Life
  7. Hosea

This is a rather rare tape by Marc Catley – apparently his first for Plankton Records. He would go on to do several eclectic/progressive/alternative collaborations with Geoff Mann, as well as his own various bands. As the title suggests, this is mostly acoustic music, with a few other instruments thrown in here and there. The only places this tape gets close to rock is in the upbeat songs “Love” and “Hosea” (this one with some cool spacey keyboards), or possibly the electric guitar-augmented “Help Me.” Otherwise, this tape appeals mostly to fans of folk/acoustic rock.

Mark Heard – Demo Stuff

Mark Heard
Demo Stuff
1989? (no label)

Mark Heard – Vocals, guitars, other instruments?

  1. Lonely Road
  2. House of Broken Dreams
  3. Nobody’s Looking
  4. All She Wanted Was Love
  5. Look Over Your Shoulder
  6. It Will Rise
  7. Our Restless Hearts

Kind of a mysterious release. What you see on the cover was all there was to it. No year, no track names, no list of who played on it, nothing. Listening to it, these are well-recorded demos with Mark’s excellent song writing shining through beautifully. Thankfully, Mark also has massively devoted fans – so it was easy to find the names of most of the songs on this demo since all of his lyrics are online. Most of these songs were released in 1990 on Dry Bones Dance, except for “Look Over Your Shoulder” which was released on Second Hand and “It Will Rise” – which doesn’t seem to be on any other albums that I can find. If they are demos, then they could have been recorded anytime between 1987’s Tribal Opera and 1990. I am guessing 1989 just because it seems logical. But I could be wrong. Also, it sounds like some of these songs were recorded live to tape – meaning there were other people than Heard playing at least bass and drums. The versions on this tape are similar to the ones later recorded, but there are noticeable differences, or even new instruments added on the official released versions. Still pretty cool for that one unreleased song (if it really is that and I am not missing something).

Jason Underground – JPUSA Demo

Jason Underground
199? (no label)
Camarillo, California, USA

Jason Underground – Vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica

  1. Love Rag
  2. Earth Psalm
  3. As Yet Untitled
  4. The Ballad of Jesus Christ

This seems to be a short demo that Jason did to get a set at Cornerstone Festival. He is introducing the songs in between playing them. The versions of these songs mostly sound like the ones on his other releases, except that he plays “Love Rag” on a banjo. I haven’t heard “The Ballad of Jesus Christ” on his other demos, so it is either only on here, or on a demo I haven’t heard yet. He describes it as a “bonus track” just for JPUSA, though. Jason Underground was a Christian Underground regular, with his one man protest folk sound gaining fans of those that wanted to question weird stuff in the evangelical world as well as the larger world.

Griff Pilchard – Another Piece of Fruitcake

Griff Pilchard
Another Piece of Fruitcake
1987 Griffnozis Tapes (GP5)
Rushden, Northants, England, United Kingdom

Griff Pilchard – Titles, words, music, and wit

Side 1:

  1. (All I Want is) A Little Red Van
  2. The Infamous Frog Song
  3. Maggie (Just Like Frankie Sez)
  4. The Usual Tale of Pistonhead Pete (I’ve Had a Tad Few Beers)
  5. Hanz Behind Our Bachs
  6. Sheepshaker
  7. Signing On

Side 2:

  1. In This Old Town
  2. Waiting for the Summer
  3. Waiting in the Shelter
  4. If You Had Sense
  5. (I Wanna Ride) On the Little Red Bus
  6. (Let’s Talk) Telephones
  7. I-I-I-If
  8. Alias Smith and Nose (Superheroes)

More acoustic skit-song weirdness from Griff. What I mean by “skit-song” is that when most songwriters say “I am sick,” they just leave it at that. Griff will stop the song, make some sick noises, and even make a full-on throw up sound. This makes many of his songs sound like skits some-what, or skit-songs. Sometimes he really is doing a skit rather than a song. He definitely has an off-beat way of writing songs. You will either like or hate his humor – a lot of it is what we call “Dad-jokes” these days.