Flowers to the Satanprayers

Flowers to the Satanprayers
1989 Stichting Revelation
Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Side 1:

  1. Toth Tibor – Szent Relek/Holy Spirit
  2. Laszlo H. – We are not From This Planet
  3. Lillian W. & Laszlo H. – Rose of Sharon
  4. Laszlo H – You are on the Black List
  5. Erik W. Laszlo – Once I was a Communist
  6. Christian Image – Tears in Your Eyes
  7. Laszlo H – Broken Sin
  8. Dondbell & Laszlo – Hene, ik wil Zingen

Side 2:

  1. Christian Image – Shalom
  2. Lubos B. & Laszlo – Jezus vas ma Nod
  3. Laszlo H. – Flowers to the Satanprayers
  4. Lukos & Laszlo – Lubos Underground
  5. Erik W. & Laszlo H. – Foodmountains
  6. Erik & Laszlo – Waiting for a Better Time
  7. Toth Tibor – Jobb Nebtek
  8. Toth Tibor – A te Szenelmed/Your Love

So this is a compilation of bands that all seem to be connected to each other and Christian Image. The handwriting on the liner notes looks nice, but it is a bit hard to read in places – so I apologize for any misspellings above. If you are familiar with Christian Image, the sound of most of the songs on here is similar: kind of industrial, kind of gothic, kind of lo-fi DIY alt rock, kind of electronic. Lots of guitars and electronic drums – which I really like. I think there are also various combinations of people for different songs – for example, Laszlo H (of Christian Image I assume) seems to team up with several different people (one of them being Lillian W. of Christian Image). Some songs are in English, some are not. I am assuming some are in Dutch, since this was recorded in the Netherlands, but some songs sound German (which is next to the Netherlands). I am not sure if Stichting Revelation is the label or recording studio or supporting organization for the compilation or all three. “Shalom” by Christian Image also appears on their Imagine Heaven Imagine Hell tape, but “Tears in Your Eyes” does not appear on the three tapes of theirs that I have.

This Suffering – This Suffering

This Suffering
This Suffering
1996 Dead Records
Port Angeles, Washington, USA

Jeff Suffering

Side 1:

  1. Dreams I See More Clearly
  2. Blackened

Side 2:

  1. Shattered Images
  2. Crevace

So this is apparently a Gothic / Experimental side project from Jeff (Bettger) Suffering of 90lb Wuss / Suffering & The Hideous Thieves fame. I don’t know who all performed on this as there some female vocals, so it could also be Suffering mostly on his own or not. The song “Blackened” made it on to the Boot to Head Records Sampler #1 in 1996. It doesn’t seem like any of these songs made it on to future Suffering-related projects, but I could have missed one somewhere.

Prazzer – Dominate Me

Dominate Me
198? Pekuliar Muzzik Rekords
Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

Mike Liffick – Vocals
Punq Hedgez – Guitars, bass, keyboards
Jason Lykins – Drums

  1. Ascension
  2. Justabitanoize
  3. Cylents
  4. No Lone Wolves
  5. Dominate Me
  6. R-U Battle Ready
  7. World of Confusion
  8. Sin is Destruction
  9. Marchinthroo
  10. He Walks Upon the Water

So based on the name, they sound like hair metal. The cover looks more like a noise band. But the pictures of the three guys shows them with choir robes on, looking like a metal band. So what are they? All of the above….? The first song in a keyboard instrumental, followed by a guitar solo song, followed by a found noise track that transitions directly into a found noise track with wolves howling. Then… a metal track? Well, it sounds more like gothic metal, but it is actually a full band rocking out with vocals. Then another found noise song, followed by another full band rocking song, but without vocals. That is followed up by a spoken word with noise background, a track that is basically a drum solo, and one final keyboard tracks. Every song is short – they whole thing clocks in at less than 19 minutes. It is difference, but the two gothic metal tracks make it worth the weird ride.

Debbie Cocoa – Refuge

Debbie Cocoa
1993 (no label)
Martinez, Georgia, USA

Debbie Cocoa – Vocals, instruments
Scott Story – Vocals, instruments

Side 1:

  1. Refuge
  2. The Gift
  3. Killing of a King
  4. E.S.U.S.

Side 2:

  1. Sinners Dream
  2. The King is Coming Soon
  3. O Come, O Come Emanuael

So when you pose with a metal looking guitar on the tape cover, one would come to expect a metal album with some shredder guitar. But the then the music starts playing, and it is slower, somber, distant sounding music. Is this gothic music? The pace doesn’t pick up until half way through the second track, and there is a lot of guitar soloing on here… but still a definite melancholy sound that is distinctly goth. Some tracks like “Killing of a King” are not really that gothic, but then “J.E.S.U.S.” is very gothic. Interesting.

The Hounds of Heaven – Freddie’s Dead / Sinking Ship

The Hounds of Heaven
Freddie’s Dead / Sinking Ship
1990 (no label)
Oakland, California, USA

Members unknown, but possible members could include:

Nelson Di Marco – vocals
Deena Di Marco – keyboards, background vocals
Joel Pronto – guitar
Jerri Bionda – bass, lead and background vocals

  1. Freddie’s Dead
  2. Sinking Ship

Yes, this is the same band that signed to Blonde Vinyl and released Virtue & Virginity. If you have the CD and wondered what the deal was with the random hand bone art inside of it – apparently, that was a nod back to this demo. Only two songs, but both are great and neither ended up on the full length. The sound here is a bit hard to pin down, but it seems to be a mix of goth, new wave, industrial, and alternative. The main difference with their full length is that the vocals are all male, and there are no real metal sound parts like the full length occasionally had. The Di Marcos went on to form BATZZ in the Belfry, which is still active to this day. There was almost no information on the tape cover, so I have no idea who plays on this album. Some possible members are listed above.

Missing Information: who played on this?

Christian Image – Jerusalem Attack

Christian Image
Jerusalem Attack
1989 (no label)
Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands

Lillian V – Vocals
Dorothe V – Metalized Violin
Laszlo H – Guitars

Side 1:

  1. We are Hier in the Name of Jesus
  2. Nightriders
  3. Lightriders
  4. God Loves Siouxie
  5. Jesus is the Way
  6. You’re Made out of Glass
  7. Jerusalem Attack
  8. Lord, Why?

Side 2 (“Live in Utrecht”):

  1. We are Hier in the Name of Jesus (live)
  2. You’re Made Out of Glass (live)
  3. Nightriders (live)
  4. Imagine Heaven and Hell (live)
  5. Power in the His Name (live)
  6. We are Hier in the Name of Jesus (live)
  7. Stand Before Your King (live)
  8. Encore (live)

Christian Image was fairly well known as an industrial / gothic band in the Christian tape underground. Key Records still sells a later demo from 1990 called We Cast out the Devil. I’m not sure if they are industrial on purpose, or sound industrial because they use a drum machine. The guitars sound like an industrial band, so I would go with that. And yes, you did read that correct above: metalized violin. It is played kind of like an instrument or lead guitar throughout the album, giving the band an original sound. Key Records refers to their style as “Harsh Dutch Gothic Rock” and that is pretty accurate. They also have another demo from the same year called Imagine Heaven Imagine Hell Which One Do You Choose? The second side of this tape was just labeled “Live from Utrecht”, but I have labeled the live songs as best I can (tracks 5 and 7 were a wild guesses). A review of We Cast Out the Devil from The Cutting Edge magazine also describes them well:

“Psychedelic, modern dance gloom rock in the vein of Joy division, Bauhaus, Laurie Anderson and England’s Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus. Swirls of moody, thick synths, balanced by controlled guitar, all under-girded by metalized violin. The vocals, adequate and eerie, kinda echo over the music, creating a listening experience not unlike the best of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar excursions or the musical ideas that slash out from Captain Beefheart’s best work on “Trout Mask,” “Decals,” and “Doc at the Radar Station.” Also close to the sound from “Monstor” by No Laughing Matter. Some tip of the hat to industrial doodling can be found here. Lyrically evangelistic. A sonic blast taking you to the fringes of Christian experimentation.”

You can also find some lyrics and reviews in (I am assuming) Dutch here:

Missing Information: Names of songs on Live sing, last names of band members.

Ted Worthless – Voice of Anger

Ted Worthless
Voice of Anger
1989 Worthless Records
Mesa, Arizona, USA

Ted Worthless – Vocals, most (if not all) instruments

Side 1:

  1. 100 Mile House
  2. Tense Party 3
  3. I Don’t Want to be Rich
  4. Serpents and Bones
  5. Father God – Mother Nature

Side 2:

  1. Last Night the Christ Came
  2. Home Sweet Home
  3. 7 Seals
  4. Every Single Morning
  5. Beggerman…

This release is numbered “No. 5” – Ted’s 5th solo demo. This continues the same musical style of his last one I transferred. It is dark, moody, gothic, and more ambient than rocking at times. I’m not even sure if I can make out any of the vocals – they are low and in the background. The music is very experimental – even the track transitions are different. Some just end mid song, others sound chopped up DIY style, and so on. This is what the tape underground sounded like in the 80s. Some people were putting together demos that were cleaned up as well as they could (in an attempt to get signed), and others were experimenting and going for certain vibes. No details on the j-card of who did what, but most or all of it is assumed to be Ted Worthless.

Missing Information: Who played what on this.