New Society – Endless Frontiers

New Society
Endless Frontiers
1994 Key Records

Everything by Rick Roman

Compiled by Jeani Bond

Side 1:

  1. Crash and Burn=
  2. Life is No Beach@
  3. Temptation (kick mix)+
  4. The Real Pledge=
  5. Spiritual Fight=
  6. Pass That Money Plate=
  7. Follow the Chant (He died mix)*#
  8. New Election+
  9. White Room#&
  10. Candle in the Wind+
  11. Separation%

Side 2:

  1. The Crucified%
  2. Purpose of Life%
  3. Beware the Nicolatian (In Between)&+
  4. Children of the Beast*
  5. Rumors&
  6. My Secret Symphony&
  7. Don’t Push Jesus+
  8. The End Vision&
  9. A Ride@

@ A Taste of Black
# So Red a Revelation
% True Faith
& Eternity
+ Election Fact 1C
* Children of the Beast
= In Focus

This basically serves as a “best of” compilation that Jeani Bond and Key Records put together from 7 previous tapes. I don’t believe there is anything new here, and there are a lot of songs, but because it is a “best of,” there really isn’t any filler. I think I have heard most of the tapes that these songs come from, so it is interesting to see what was picked for this compilation. Can’t say I have any disagreements. For those that don’t know, New Society was an industrial band that also mixed in many other styles, such as synth pop and alternative rock. Many of their albums are up for free download as well.

IDY – No, I Don’t Have Any

No, I Don’t Have Any
1989 The Furnace Room

IDY – Keyboard, drum programming, sampler, voice, whatever

Side 1:

  1. You’re So Punk (extended dance mix)
  2. Smoke Bomb in My Coffee (new version)
  3. The Boring Reggae / Industrial Song

Side 2:

  1. The Spookey Song
  2. You’re So Punk
  3. Groove 2
  4. Point Between the Margins
  5. Richard A Gulling 2

This is the second tape by IDY – it really continues down the same path as Richard A Gulling, which is avant-garde/experimental/etc music. Some of it is electronic, some of it sounds more organic (or sampled from organic). This is the original Furnace Room release – it was picked up by Corpqii Productions a couple of years later and expanded. There are song structures and rhythms here along with the experimentation, so this is not a noise project as many think of when you say “experimental.” Like I always say – I know this is not everyone’s thing, so no need to tell me that in the comments. I like it, especially because it gives me a break from listening to a dozen Journey-clones in a row.

globalWAVEsystem – Will Not Play With Power

Will Not Play With Power
1992 SLAVA Music

A.T. Matthew
Christopher Buchholz

  1. Evaluate
  2. X
  3. 2CINC!
  4. Commitment
  5. Plug Out
  6. G.S.E.B.

This was a surprise “release” of sorts. Christian Erickson decided to clean up these songs and put them for download on Facebook. These are basically the really rare demo songs before the band released Life Equals Death on Frontline Records. There are two mixes of this tape. Will Not Play With Power1.0 was the original mix that wasn’t released. Will Not Play With Power1.35 was mixed by Troy Motz and has some changes to effects and sounds here and there. Only 49 copies of 1.35 were sold at Cornerstone 1992 and through the mail. They came with a hand splatter-painted tape. All of the songs here were re-recorded on Life Equals Death except for Evaluate. They were often compared to Skinny Puppy, which is an obvious influence, but you can hear other influences and sounds in there as well. You can see why they were signed after this demo (I believe it was first to Blonde Vinyl, but then sold to Frontline when BV went under).

Tempestuous All – Ponderings

Tempestuous All
1996 137 Records
Wheaton, Illinois, USA

Brian C. Jones – Electronic wizard, vocals, general nuisance
Scott D. Lee – Apprentice, graphics, public relations

Scott Barrett – Guitars
Heavy Cat – Violin on “The Tree”

Side 1:

  1. Innocence
  2. The Tree
  3. Thou Shalt not Lie

Side 2:

  1. Who I Am
  2. What Does It Mean
  3. Mother

I was a bit worried about this tape. It appears that someone in the past got the tape twisted while rewinding it, meaning it was all upside down. I had to slowly fix one twist, unwind until I found the corresponding twist (which was near the end of the tape), and fix that. It could have really messed up the tape doing all of this, but luckily it did not (other than two pieces of slight garble where the actual twist was). Whew! I had never heard this tape, so I glad it worked. This is crunchy metal industrial with lots of keyboard effects and samples. Mid-90s industrial at its best, really. I like it when bands tried to find a nice mix of aggressive metal and industrial tripiness. Not that going farther on either side is a bad thing, it’s just good to get a mix. I’m not sure if this is the first tape by the band, but they did go on to release another album in 1999 called Technaelogical Dig.

New Society – World Order

New Society
World Order
1992 Roman Recordings
Wonder Lake, Illinois, USA

Rick Roman – Vocals, guitar, keyboards, sampling
James Wayman – Bass

Side 1:

  1. World Order
  2. The Beast
  3. Where’s the Rapture?

Side 2:

  1. World Order (mega mix)

At first I was confused about seeing a New Society tape that I had never heard of. But it turns out this is basically a cassette single of “World Order” from Election Fact 1C. “The Beast” is not the same song as the title track from Children of the Beast in 1992, while “Where’s the Rapture?” was re-recorded in a much different version on In Focus in 1993. So it seems you have an unreleased song, a new mix of another song, and a vastly different original version of yet another song on this tape. They also released Eternity in 1992, but it seems there were no songs shared with that tape. The sound is techno/electronic/industrial, with this tape having slightly more prominent distorted guitars than other tapes.

Industrial Evolution

Industrial Evolution
2020 Retroactive Records

The Bumpus Hounds

Eric Shirley – Vocals and lyrics
Oatmeal – Instruments and music
Wally Shaw – Recorded, produced, engineered, and wrote “Sanctuary” (as Icon Tack)
MC White E – Guest appearance on “Temple”
Stephen Wagers – Guest appearance on “Temple”

Primary Censor

Eric Shirley – Vocals
Matt Wright – Guitar, programming
Chris Spoonts – Bass, programming
Stuart Lillard – Drums
Jay Vollentine – Programming
Mark Dufour – Drums


Eric Shirley – Vocals
Matt Wright – Guitars
Richie Laxton – Keyboards, drums


Matt Wright – Vocals, Guitars, instruments

Disc One:

  1. The Bumpus Hounds – World’s End
  2. The Bumpus Hounds – Blind Hate
  3. The Bumpus Hounds – Temple
  4. The Bumpus Hounds – Thrown Away
  5. The Bumpus Hounds – Sanctuary
  6. The Bumpus Hounds – Sanctuary (instrumental)
  7. The Bumpus Hounds – Thrown Away (X-Propagation Re-tool 1993)
  8. Primary Censor – Judgmental
  9. Primary Censor – Negative
  10. Primary Censor – False
  11. Primary Censor – Splinter
  12. Primary Censor – Arsen
  13. Primary Censor – See
  14. Primary Censor – Silence
  15. Primary Censor – Intro
  16. Primary Censor – Subtly
  17. Primary Censor – Circle
  18. Primary Censor – Artificial Heart
  19. Primary Censor – Silence
  20. Primary Censor – Judgmental

Disc Two:

  1. Coarse – Quiet
  2. Abstain – Release
  3. Abstain – Control
  4. Abstain – Whispers
  5. Abstain – Neuroplasticity
  6. Abstain – Recollections
  7. Abstain – Isolationism
  8. Abstain – Osmosis
  9. Abstain – Indyanna

Yes, this is a new CD. But it is also a collection of demos from back in the day, so of course I had to have it. The Bumpus Hounds and their awesome brand of metal/industrial on The Pit Dug for the Wicked has already been covered here. Two Bumpus Hounds bonus tracks have been dug up here: an instrumental of “Sanctuary” and a re-working of “Thrown Away” by Brent Stackhouse of X-Propagation/Deitiphobia fame. This compilation basically covers how different bands evolved out of The Bumpus Hounds. Primary Sensor was an Austin-area industrial metal band That Eric Surrey formed after The Bumpus Hounds. They produced three demos of some killer industrial metal that gained some attention around the Austin area. A few years after that, Shirey was approached to do a song for a compilation and the result was the band Coarse (with Primary Sensor guitarist Matt Wright joining him on guitar). Wright was also approached to do a song, so he contributed one song from his new project  Abstain. There were a few other experimental Abstain songs that were added to this comp here as well. The entire 2-CD release from Retroactive Records is a great archive of early to mid 90s industrial metal, so you really should grab a copy of you haven’t yet from Boone’s Overstock.

Flowers to the Satanprayers

Flowers to the Satanprayers
1989 Stichting Revelation
Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Side 1:

  1. Toth Tibor – Szent Relek/Holy Spirit
  2. Laszlo H. – We are not From This Planet
  3. Lillian W. & Laszlo H. – Rose of Sharon
  4. Laszlo H – You are on the Black List
  5. Erik W. Laszlo – Once I was a Communist
  6. Christian Image – Tears in Your Eyes
  7. Laszlo H – Broken Sin
  8. Dondbell & Laszlo – Hene, ik wil Zingen

Side 2:

  1. Christian Image – Shalom
  2. Lubos B. & Laszlo – Jezus vas ma Nod
  3. Laszlo H. – Flowers to the Satanprayers
  4. Lukos & Laszlo – Lubos Underground
  5. Erik W. & Laszlo H. – Foodmountains
  6. Erik & Laszlo – Waiting for a Better Time
  7. Toth Tibor – Jobb Nebtek
  8. Toth Tibor – A te Szenelmed/Your Love

So this is a compilation of bands that all seem to be connected to each other and Christian Image. The handwriting on the liner notes looks nice, but it is a bit hard to read in places – so I apologize for any misspellings above. If you are familiar with Christian Image, the sound of most of the songs on here is similar: kind of industrial, kind of gothic, kind of lo-fi DIY alt rock, kind of electronic. Lots of guitars and electronic drums – which I really like. I think there are also various combinations of people for different songs – for example, Laszlo H (of Christian Image I assume) seems to team up with several different people (one of them being Lillian W. of Christian Image). Some songs are in English, some are not. I am assuming some are in Dutch, since this was recorded in the Netherlands, but some songs sound German (which is next to the Netherlands). I am not sure if Stichting Revelation is the label or recording studio or supporting organization for the compilation or all three. “Shalom” by Christian Image also appears on their Imagine Heaven Imagine Hell tape, but “Tears in Your Eyes” does not appear on the three tapes of theirs that I have.

Blackhouse – Five Minutes After I Die

Five Minutes After I Die
1986 Ladd-Frith
Eureka, California, USA

Ivo Cutler
Sterling Cross

Side 1:

  1. Five Minutes After I Die

Side 2:

  1. His Zion
  2. Halo Hearth
  3. Answer for You
  4. A Thousand Tongues
  5. Numerology
  6. Five Minutes After I Die (Reprise)

The third album by Blackhouse finds the band expanding their industrial / noise sound into new directions. Following after 1985’s Hope Like a Candle, this one has one long song on side 1, and a few shorter and longer songs on side 2. However, the title track has several different parts to it, so you really have to follow the vocals to know it is one song. On the other hand, all of the songs on side 2 run into each other, so again you have to go by vocals (where present) to let you know these are different songs. This one has also been re-issued on vinyl and CD several times, but I don’t think any of those had bonus tracks like re-issues of their first tape Pro-Life did.

Red Rum Trance – Red Rum Trance

Red Rum Trance
Red Rum Trance
1998 (no label)

Matt Frantz – Electric guitar, fretless guitar, bass, classical guitar, synthesizer, acoustic and electric drums

Side 1:

  1. Shrill Chasm (Down Into The Rabbit Hole, Down Into The Fault Line, What It Is To Be A Chisel)
  2. Rhythmic Clawing (It Wants Out, You Can Hear It, You Can Feel It, What Is It?)
  3. What You’re Feeling?/That Scares Me (Marching Rush, What Do You Mean Creativity? I’m Just Writing Down What I’m Feeling)
  4. Creepwalking (Walk Like A Creep, Walking In Your Creep)
  5. Lungs Filling With Fluid (Lungs Still Filling, Swelling Blister, Slowly Convulsing Violin)
  6. Casting Out/Killing Witches (Pushing It Down, Burning It Back)
  7. Alpine (Acoustic Fallout, Aerial Trapeze)

Side 2:

  1. Oriental Fighting Style (Constant Attack From All Angles At Once)
  2. Lazy Guillotine (Mutating Metal In Motion)
  3. Taunt, Taunt, Jab, Jab (Dominant Monkey)
  4. Red Rabbit Staring You Down (White Rabbit Turning Red, Chaser, Down Into It)
  5. Clash Classical Crash (Confrontational Tones)
  6. Sailing Off The Edge Of The Earth (Suspended In Firmament, Clear Through, A Sea Serpent Myth)
  7. Dead Calm (Twelve Feet Deep, Warm And Translucent)
  8. Snap (A Transcription Of A Dream)

As the cassette says above, this is most of the tracks that were later released as Red Rum Trance. Red Rum Trance is Matt Franz, and this was his third solo album. I believe that Red Rum Trance was also the name of the project as well at the time it was released. All of the tracks are on BandCamp now, so you can see that for some reason, two tracks from side one (“Out of the Ashes” and “Startle-Swarming”) were left off of this tape. The sound here is experimental noise made on guitars and percussion instruments/percussive things. There are recognizable rhythms and song structures here, so it’s not completely noise, but those rhythms and structures are often very free form and mixed with noise as well. Frantz describes this as a mixture of “Industrial, Ambient, Tribal, Jazz, Oriental Folk, and Noise.” That is pretty accurate. I kind of like it.

Blackhouse – Pro-Life

1984 Ladd-Frith

Sterling Cross
Ivo Cutler
Roger Farrell

Side 1:

  1. Born Again
  2. Love
  3. Jesus Loves You
  4. Always By Your Side
  5. Long Live Life ….into…. The One Truth
  6. Pro-Life

Side 2:

  1. Power of the Lion
  2. Go (Positive Path)
  3. Prayer
  4. Apparition ….into…. Abolition of Strife
  5. Be Good

Pro-Life was the first Blackhouse album released way back in 1984. It has been re-issued on cassette, CD, vinyl, and digital many times since then, sometimes with extensive bonus tracks. Sometimes it is listed just with one long track for each side (side one is labeled as “No Rhythm” and side 2 is labeled as “Pro-Rhythm”). They followed this one up with their second album Hope Like a Candle also in 1984. So the labels for the sides are pretty accurate. The first side is noise industrial often without much discernible rhythm. The second side has rhythm to it. It’s all made with various distorted vocals, sounds, random percussion noises, and guitar (or guitar-like) screeches and noises (plus some programmed rhythms on side 2). The next to last track on both sides are longer tracks that end up being two songs that run together (sometimes listed separately on some versions).