Kettleblack – Look Into My Eye

Look Into My Eye
1995 (no label)
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Glen van Alkemade – Keyboards, sequences, percussion
Roy Montroy – Guitar, sequencing, drum programming
Don Hill – Bass, percussion
Dave Canfield – Vocals, percussion

Side 1:

  1. Cartouche
  2. Hidden Rift
  3. Seems So Real
  4. Step Outside My Skin

Side 2:

  1. Medicine Man
  2. Creation
  3. My Rose

You might remember Kettleblack from their song “Medicine Man” on the R.E.X. Music compilation Electro Shock Therapy in 1995. What you might not have known is that the Roy Montroy listed above is the same one that was in Resurrection Band. This band was connected to Cornerstone. Of course, the sound is industrial, but with a fuller band vibe. They don’t get into thrash metal territory like Circle of Dust, but “a more hard rock version of Circle of Dust” is a good comparison here. This appears to be their first and only release, which is too bad.

Face of Instrument – Black Point Maxi Single

Face of Instrument
Black Point Maxi Single
1992 (no label)

  1. Deus / ex / Machina
  2. Faceless
  3. From the Inside
  4. Abnormal Reaction (cutting floor mix)
  5. L.A.
  6. Blackpoint

This demo was shared on Facebook along with Abstain and Situation Taboo – apparently two members of Situation Taboo are in this project. But I can’t find any information about the band online. The sound is industrial rock/metal like Situation Taboo and Abstain, just a bit more straight forward industrial rock than SitTab. Obvious Christian lyrics definitely place this in the Christian Tape Underground, but I don’t know if this is a one-off side project or a fully formed band of some kind.

Missing Information: Who played in this band?

Abstain – Lofi Lotech Demo

Lofi Lotech Demo
1996? (no label)
Texas, USA

Matt Wright

  1. Release
  2. Control
  3. (instrumental)
  4. (instrumental)
  5. (instrumental)
  6. (instrumental)
  7. (instrumental)
  8. (instrumental)

So this is an interesting project shared on Facebook. From what I can find online, this is a solo project by Matt Wright, who was the guitarist for Primary Sensor. Primary Sensor was a band that also featured Eric Shirey of The Bumpus Hounds, which have been covered here as well. Abstain was also featured on the Full Frontal Lobotomy and Ballistic Test Six compilations from Flaming Fish Music. This demo features at least one song (“Control”) from those compilations. One of the instrumentals might be “Escape” from the others, or the song I have called “Release” might actually be “Escape.” Anyways, the sound here is heavy guitar-driven industrial on the first two songs, and then some more electronic-focused instrumentals. Great stuff if you are into this genre. Not sure of the release date of this tape, but it had to be before the 1997 compilations the songs were on. Well, it didn’t have to be, but that is my guess.

New Society – Eternity

New Society
1992 Roman Recordings
Wonder Lake, Illinois, USA

Rick Roman, Jr. – Vocals, guitar, keyboards, sampling, bass
James Wayman – Bass, keyboards

Side 1:

  1. Eternity
  2. Beware the Nicolaitan (In Between)
  3. Silent Scream
  4. White Room (Disco Remix)
  5. Rumors
  6. My Secret Symphony

Side 2:

  1. My Secret Symphony (Long mix)
  2. The Call (1987 Mix)
  3. Rumors (Work It Out)
  4. Play Thru Me

This tape is at least the 4th (that I know of) demo by New Society. On this release, New Society was a duo. The tape starts off with an almost-ambient almost-instrumental (some minimal percussion and a few spoken/whispered statements here and there add texture that you typically don’t get with ambient music) before jumping into techno-leaning industrial. The music kind of bounces back and forth between different flavors of techno-leaning industrial. The cover indicates that these songs are from a period of several years prior to this release, and the inclusion of different mixes of songs lends to the feel of a compilation. So how does this tape compare to 2019 free version they just released? It seems the 2019 version has different versions of most of the songs here, all that are longer or shorter than the original versions. “My Secret Symphony” was cut down to a minute and a half, for example. At least 8 new songs were added. Oh, and “Play Through Me” was renamed to “Sonic Voyage” on the 2019 version.

Ängst – The Null Hypothesis

The Null Hypothesis
1995 137 Records
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Matthew M. Nordan – vocals, instruments

Side 1:

  1. Descent
  2. Who am I to Question God?
  3. Warm Dry Cell
  4. Exactly Precisely
  5. Godshaped Void
  6. Shades of Light
  7. Positive

Side 2:

  1. Lollapalooza
  2. Boiling Point
  3. Effexor (Venlafaxine HCl)
  4. Persistence
  5. Five in the Chamber
  6. Nothing Else

Ängst was one of a few industrial bands that didn’t make it onto a label for a full release, but gained considerable visibility with compilation appearances and underground releases. It was also one of many one-person projects. This appears to be the last Ängst demo, released the same year as their second demo Black And. The sound on this demo is a bit of a mixture of several sounds – house, techno, rock, metal, etc- wrapped in an industrial shell. The vocals are clearer and more pop-oriented than your typical industrial bands. “Warm Dry Cell,” “Godshaped Void,” “Lollapalooza,” “Boiling Point,” “Effexor (Veniafaxine HCL),” “Nothing Else,” and a live version of “Five in the Chamber” were all included on the 1999 Ängst compilation Anger, Lust, Frustration, Fear, And Fun from Flaming Fish Music. This means that just under half of the songs are exclusive to this tape.

New Society – Updated Versions of Older Tapes

For those that weren’t aware, New Society albums are usually up for download somewhere online. However, some of them have been disappearing here and there, so it seems Rick Roman, Jr. has fixed that, as well as tweaking/updating some releases. If you haven’t heard of New Society, it was an electronic project run by Rick Roman (with others joining him from time to time) that mixes industrial, techno, metal, trance,you name it. There are many more New Society albums than the ones up online now – not sure if they will be added or not. Also of note are NEW songs from 2019 in there are well. But currently up on Soundclick for free download:

  • A Taste of Black (Anthology 1990 updated 2019)
  • So Red a Revelation (Anthology 1990 updated 2019)
  • True Faith (Anthology 1990 updated 2019)
  • Eternity (Anthology 1992 updated 2019)
  • E.T.S.G.A.N.W. (Anthology 2003 updated 2019)
  • REG.NO.2615161 (Anthology 2004 updated 2019)
  • New Life (Anthology 2008 updated 2019)
  • Collective (2019)

Blank Face – Three Free

Blank Face
Three Free
1996 (no label)
Elmwood Park, Illinois, USA

David J. Pisciotto – vocals and instruments

  1. Sin Disease
  2. On the Cross
  3. Thirst

If you listened to many industrial compilations back in the day, especially those that were on R.E.X. Music, then you have already heard 2/3 of this tape and know it is a great tape. Blank Face got some attention for their songs on the comps and then seemed to vanish. The sound here is guitar-driven industrial, more hard rock/heavy alternative in style than heavy metal, but still well made. This was the second of two known demos from Blank Face, the other being Trinity. I haven’t heard that one, so I don’t know if any songs repeat from here to there. The third song on this tape that most haven’t heard fits in great with the others stylistically.