Exit-180 – Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith
1999 (no label)
Lapeer, Michigan, USA

  1. Schmuck
  2. Delirious
  3. Dear Brother
  4. Unity
  5. Two-Faced

This is a demo that was shared on YouTube – so you can check it out below. The sound is fast and furious late 90s punk. Not really pop punk as much as melodic punk influenced by Ghoti Hook, One-21, and Slick Shoes or bands like that. Also a little Oi! and Ska on tunes like “Unity.” They do this style well, but I also remember that by 1999 people were getting tired of hearing so many bands like this. The scene didn’t really slow down until a few years later, though, so they still had come time left. They were only active for about 2 years, but seem to have produced at least another cassette and a CD after this one.

Missing Information: who played on this?

The Hypocritz – A Herd of Mindless Soulless Robots

The Hypocritz
A Herd of Mindless Soulless Robots
1997 Communion Records
Waco, Texas, USA

Jud Burroughs – Guitars, vocals, gas
Chaos (Cameron Matthews) – Bass, noise, herbal teas
Justin Clark – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Modern Babylon
  2. Leia
  3. Hostility’s End
  4. Creepy Crawley
  5. I Don’t Care/All I Wanted
  6. Ode to Earnest T

Side 2:

  1. Crazy
  2. Freedom Song
  3. Hypocrite
  4. God’s Punk
  5. Give God a Chance

This is another Waco band that I also got to see live back in the day at a concert with The Aloha Fridays (another Waco band), The Insyderz, Bloomsday, and Fold Zandura at Poppa Rollo’s Pizza in Waco. Jud Burroughs had also been a member of an earlier Waco punk band called Not Even that I got to see at a local bar once. Jud went on after The Hypocritz to be in several other bands, including Texas Casket Company with drummer Justin as well as Jared from The Aloha Fridays. Justin was also the drummer for the American Cultural eXperiments with Jared, as well a member of many other bands as well. This demo is punk with some hardcore, street, and gutter influences. As well as some fun moments as well. Another great band that got lost to the shuffle of a barely existent small town scene.

O.M.P. – O.M.P.

1997 (no label)
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Derek “Mr. Slushee” Usher – Guitar, vocals
Mark “Arfarfanarff” Pouliot – Bass
Denis “Thunder Bear” Malfarir – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Ugly Shinethrough
  2. Breaking the Glass
  3. Just Something
  4. More
  5. Halo of Flies

Side 2:

  1. Rain
  2. Daddy
  3. Freak Show
  4. Can’t Count the Days
  5. Homesick

So the cover looks punk, and the date suggest pop punk, which I believe is what we get hear. The problem is that the recording levels are pushed to the max, so it sounds like you are blowing your speakers no matter how much you turn it down. I guess they placed the mic too close to the speakers when recording this. So it could be they were going for more of an emo punk sound, or a street punk, but it’s hard to tell. I would still say pop punk.

Stigmata – Stigmata

1992 Basement Records
Sunburg, Minnesota, USA

Matthew deRiso – Lead vocals, bass guitar, drums
Andy Swanson – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, BGVs
Brain Pearson – Additional drums and percussion

  1. Right to Life
  2. Break the Linkage

So the sound here is basically punk rock, maybe leaning towards surf punk and alternative rock here and there. “Break the Linkage” reminds me a lot of Undercover’s “One of the These Days” with the rapid spoken word parts. It’s a short tape, and I have no idea if there are more tapes before or after this one.

The Aloha Fridays – The Aloha Fridays

The Aloha Fridays
The Aloha Fridays
1997? (no label)
Waco, Texas, USA

Ravi Kapur – Vocals
Brian Coffman – Guitars
Chad Klawetter – Bass
Bob Kellough – Cornet
Jared Himstedt – Trombone
Jim – Trumpet
Gordon McKinney – Drums

  1. Ring
  2. Deaf to Grace
  3. Whatagansta
  4. No Condemnation
  5. Hypocrite
  6. Brian’s Short Song

This tape actually has a personal connection for me – I knew Jared the trombone player back in college (and also met a few of the other members as well). We had a few art classes together. He is a really great person (but we lost touch after the classes were over). So I heard about him talking about forming this band in those classes, and even got to see them open for The Hypocritz (another Waco band), The Insyderz, Bloomsday, and Fold Zandura at Poppa Rollo’s Pizza in Waco. These songs were actually available to stream on Groove Shark befire that went away, but this the first time hearing them full quality. The Aloha Fridays were a ska/punk band, probably most like a more punk Insyderz, but not really sounding like The Insyderz outside of the ska connection. I didn’t know this tape existed until it showed up online, so I wonder if other Waco bands like Not Even had tapes? I know The Hypocritz did, so I hope that one surfaces soon. Chad was in Not Even before the Fridays. Jared himself has been quite prolific after this band – he was part of the American Culture Experiments, who released an album for Allan Auguirre’s Accidental Siren’s label. He also has been a part of or led other bands such as Texas Casket Company, Adeline, American Sasquatch, Wild Okra, American History Project, and a few others I am probably forgetting. Not sure when it was released I had assumed 1997 because I know this tape didn’t exist in 1996 when I had classes with Jared, but by 1998 the Fridays were over and the American Culture Experiments had begun. But the person that sent the rip to me had it label as 1998 – so maybe the band lasted a little longer than I thought?

Peculiar People – 4-Song Demo

Peculiar People
4-Song Demo
19?? (no label)

  1. We Think It Stinks
  2. No, Spot, No!
  3. Lies You Teach
  4. You Love Me

Female-fronted punk rock with some hard rock groove (kind of like One Bad Pig would do from time to time). Not much information on this one, but I don’t think it is the same band as the Peculiar People Band out of South Africa. But I could be wrong. I took a guess at the song titles above. There is also a hidden track at the end that is basically the band goofing off while singing “Have a Nice Day.” The yelled intro to the first song indicates this is a 5-person band, but I never really hear more than one guitar playing at a time.

Missing Information: What year was this released? Who played on it? What are the song titles?

King James and the Concordances – The Authorized Version

King James and the Concordances
The Authorized Version
1987 Son Sessions
Miami, Florida, USA

Al Valdes – Vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums, composer of most of the songs
Julio Rey – Vocals, guitar, bass, composer of a few less of the songs

  1. Don’t Wanna Be No Gumby
  2. Mission to Mexico
  3. Johnny’s in a Cult
  4. Peabody Went to High School
  5. Movies About Jesus
  6. Last of the Nubs
  7. The Monastery

This appears to be the original version of the tape that was re-released in 1990 with a remix of every song on side 2. Stylistically all over the place, but still fun to listen to. This was one of many bands led by Julio Rey back in the day. The j-card between the two seem to be the same except for the color, and the 1990 version added a different record label and a blurb about the side 2 remixes. The songs on this one are the same recordings as the re-release, but they sound a bit thinner here. It seems the bass was boosted a bit on the re-issue. After this tape, they also released I Do in 1990.