The Aloha Fridays – The Aloha Fridays

The Aloha Fridays
The Aloha Fridays
1997? (no label)
Waco, Texas, USA

Ravi Kapur – Vocals
Brian Coffman – Guitars
Chad Klawetter – Bass
Bob Kellough – Cornet
Jared Himstedt – Trombone
Jim – Trumpet
Gordon McKinney – Drums

  1. Ring
  2. Deaf to Grace
  3. Whatagansta
  4. No Condemnation
  5. Hypocrite
  6. Brian’s Short Song

This tape actually has a personal connection for me – I knew Jared the trombone player back in college (and also met a few of the other members as well). We had a few art classes together. He is a really great person (but we lost touch after the classes were over). So I heard about him talking about forming this band in those classes, and even got to see them open for The Hypocritz (another Waco band), The Insyderz, Bloomsday, and Fold Zandura at Poppa Rollo’s Pizza in Waco. These songs were actually available to stream on Groove Shark befire that went away, but this the first time hearing them full quality. The Aloha Fridays were a ska/punk band, probably most like a more punk Insyderz, but not really sounding like The Insyderz outside of the ska connection. I didn’t know this tape existed until it showed up online, so I wonder if other Waco bands like Not Even had tapes? I know The Hypocritz did, so I hope that one surfaces soon. Chad was in Not Even before the Fridays. Jared himself has been quite prolific after this band – he was part of the American Culture Experiments, who released an album for Allan Auguirre’s Accidental Siren’s label. He also has been a part of or led other bands such as Texas Casket Company, Adeline, American Sasquatch, Wild Okra, American History Project, and a few others I am probably forgetting. Not sure when it was released I had assumed 1997 because I know this tape didn’t exist in 1996 when I had classes with Jared, but by 1998 the Fridays were over and the American Culture Experiments had begun. But the person that sent the rip to me had it label as 1998 – so maybe the band lasted a little longer than I thought?

The Israelites – Israelite Train

The Israelites
Israelite Train
1997 (no label)
California, USA

Peter Trusty – Lead vocals, percussion
Richard Carlstedt – Guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals, percussion
Jackieblu Carlstedt – Keyboards, organs, backing vocals
Jennifer Villarreal – Drums, percussion, backing vocals
Ginger Reyes – Bass
Allen Trammell – Tenor sax, suprano sax
Justin Bernadino – Alto sax, keyboards
Gabriel Sundy – Trombone, baritone sax, chicken cluck

  1. Israelite Train
  2. By Your Side
  3. Jah Jah
  4. The Resurrection
  5. Over the River

If you remember the ska craze of the 90s, you probably also remember it being referred to as “third wave ska.” Bands like the Israelites were part of the first and second waves. So there is no punk rock influence on this demo. You still have the heavy island reggae influence here, with a large horn section. However, they are all playing to make music and mood rather than a mosh pit. I don’t know enough about earlier waves of ska to have much more to say on this, other than this is the type of ska for people that got sick of third wave ska back in the day.