Graham Palmer – If the Face Fits

Graham Palmer
If the Face Fits
1984 Stride
Cheshire, England, United Kingdom

Graham Palmer – Vocals
Leszek Gasiorek – Synth
Chris Gasiorek – Synth, bass
Brian Freeney – Guitar
Paul Freeney – Drums
Justin Fisher – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Creation
  2. Pavement Gazing
  3. Firework Factory
  4. Down Where the Children Played
  5. Monkey Puzzle Tree
  6. Music as Music
  7. The Anvil
  8. Suburban Nightmare
  9. Cybernetic Alternative
  10. Masterclass
  11. Cat & Mouse
  12. The Identi-Kit People’s Revolt

Side 2:

  1. Darkened Danger
  2. Out on the Tiles
  3. ‘I was Here’
  4. The Blue-Movie Blues
  5. Two Faced
  6. Hampton Court
  7. Remix (by ‘Graham goes to Hanwell’)
  8. The Lunatic
  9. Skydrop
  10. Song of the Firebird

While this looks like a really long album, most of the tracks are under 2 minutes long – many being less than a minute. Only two barely clock in over 2 minutes. This is mostly a spoken word project. There is music underneath the words, but mostly as sound effects and ambiance. Occasionally something like “Monkey Puzzle Tree” comes blaring out with near-punk intensity… but only lasts 43 seconds. There are also songs like “Music as Music” which has a kind of… circus-like alt rock groove under the spoken words? As you can see from the song titles, the song themes are all over the place. This is from the same label that brought us acts like Face in the Crowd and Griff.

Chris Yambar – Weird Outtakes Volume One

Chris Yambar
Weird Outtakes Volume One
1989 The Furnace Room

Chris Yambar – Words, teachings, concepts, background vocals on “Newave”
Marc Plainguet – Electronic/industrial music/sounds

Terry McCabe – Vocals, background vocals on “Newave”
Joe Hudek – Lead guitar on “Newave”
Mike Talanca – Bass on “Newave”
Jim Toti – Drums, keyboards on “Newave”
Lori McCabe – Background vocals on “Newave”
Tom Eich – Background vocals on “Newave”

Side 1:

  1. Introductions
  2. 3 Piece Suit
  3. Newave
  4. Consecration & Holiness
  5. I surrender 95%

Side 2:

  1. Phone Tag (Acid House Dance Mix)
  2. Easter Eggs
  3. Abyss of Tears
  4. Building Houses

This appears to be the first version of this tape (it was re-released on Corpqii Music in 1991 with two new tracks added to each side). The sound here is an eclectic mix of music, spoken word, found samples, sermon outtakes, and other assorted weirdness. This ranges from “Newave” (a full-on song by Terry) McCabe), to songs like “Phone Tag (Acid House Dance Mix)” (a collection of phone messages played over an electronic/industrial/new wave music scape), to songs like “Easter Eggs” (an excerpt of a sermon with no music). The packaging for this version is also much more extensive than the re-issue – the cover is a full page of paper folded down to a j-card, with a lot of liner notes and a full drawing on the back. There is also a signed insert and business card packed in there as well. As far as the songs, it seems that these versions are mostly the same as the ones on the 1991 version, except those versions sounds a bit remastered.

Mark 2 – The Documentary

Mark 2
The Documentary
1984? Broken Records
Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Steve Wheeler – Vocals, guitars
Steve Cooper – Bass
Steve Smith – Drums
Simon Elwin – Keyboards

Joss Cook – Interviewer

  1. The Documentary

Wasn’t sure what this was going to be going in to it, especially once a Larry Norman song started playing. However, that song was a set-up to start this audio documentary of the Mark 2 band. Mark 2 is a new wave band led by Steve Wheeler of Broken Records (UK) fame. This documentary is mainly interviews with the band and various people involved with the band. There is also a section that follows the band through problems they have setting up a gig, complete with live recordings of conversations. It really sounds like a documentary, only an audio-only one. The only downside is that there are just snippets of songs that play here and there – no full songs, or really even long enough parts to give you a good idea of their sound. Norman Barratt even makes an appearance on the tape when Mark 2 opens for his band.

Missing Information: When was this released?

Richard F. Hay, Sr. – Almost Poetry, Not Quite Prose

Richard F. Hay, Sr.
Almost Poetry, Not Quite Prose
1991 Corpqii Productions

Richard F. Hay, Sr. – Poetry reading
Marc Plainguet – All music

Side 1:

  1. War
  2. Kids
  3. God

Side 2:

  1. Firemen
  2. People
  3. Movies

Now for something completely different. This is a tape of poetry written by Richard F. Hay, Sr., read by Hay in his Boston accent, and recorded over  keyboard / electronic / experimental / alternative music played by Marc Plainguet. Each track listed above is actually a collection of several short poems, with the  track name describing the general theme of all the poems in it. You can see the full list of poems above. The background music also changes with each track. Its rather interesting and engaging stuff, as Hay talks about his life, his time as  soldier, working as a fireman, and his family. This is technically the same general approach that Steve Scott takes with his poetry, but Scott and Hay showcase how there can be very different ways of doing the same general idea.

Centre of Gravity

Centre of Gravity
1985 Stride
Cheshire, England, United Kingdom

Side 1:

  1. Pacific 231 – Psycho Moon
  2. Pacific 231 – Gare De L’est 1943
  3. The Dangerous Bros – On 45
  4. Vox Populi – Pygmies in the Park
  5. Vox Populi – Mind
  6. Vox Populi – Glassy Stare
  7. Face in the Crowd – Clown
  8. Face in the Crowd – Love is Like a Cancer

Side 2:

  1. Griff – Wrant – U – Wrant
  2. Griff – Poser
  3. Griff – Match’s Mate
  4. Celestial Orgy – Pig to the Abbatoir
  5. Celestial Orgy – Feminist
  6. Celestial Orgy – Maths
  7. Inlaws and Outlaws – Foot Inside Your Door
  8. Face in the Crowd – Summer Fool
  9. Face in the Crowd – A Strong Voice
  10. Face in the Crowd – Justice

This is a mysterious compilation from Stride that serves up several songs from mostly noise/industrial/experimental bands – with a few exceptions. So who is on it? First off is Pacific 231, a noise/experimental project by Pierre Jolivet of Paris that has been going since the early 80s. If the band name sounds kind of familiar to you, Pacific 231 has been on some split albums with Psyclones, also an early noise/industrial band that was composed of Brian Ladd (aka Blackhouse) and Julie Frith. I can’t find these songs listed on any Pacific 231 releases, so they might be exclusive to this comp? I can’t find any information on The Dangerous Bros, but they appear to be an experimental free-form band with guitars. Vox Populi has also collaborated with Pacific 231, but is a band from France that has been around since the early 80s. They have an experimental noise sound as well, with some vocals and instruments. Face in the Crowd has released many tapes in the Christian tape underground, usually of a more experimental band sound, with some spoken word parts, some sung parts, random instrument playing, etc. Griff has also been featured here before, but he is experimental folk rock with an extreme British sense of humor. Don’t know much about Celestial Orgy, but it seems they only have compilation appearances listed on Discogs. They appear to be the closest thing to a rock band on here – definitely some alternative guitar and drums, but still more experimental than most alt rock. When they hit the high pitched vocals, it almost reminds me of Danielson. Inlaws and Outlaws is another band I can’t find much on, but they also are the most traditional industrial/electronic band on the compilation (although many others use industrial elements).

Erin Peacechild – Erin Peacechild

Erin Peacechild
Erin Peacechild
1988 Key Records / Bloodless Sacrifice Communion Records
Pensacola, Florida, USA

Scottie Joel Cooper – Vocals and instruments

Side 1:

  1. About Erin Peacechild
  2. The Least of These
  3. Dethdoor Introduction
  4. Industrial Generation
  5. Excerpts from Hellfire
  6. Ecstasy
  7. Hellfire
  8. U2’s New Year’s Day
  9. Song for Timigen
  10. Under the Sun
  11. This is for You
  12. Metaphysical
  13. Human Fear
  14. Amazing Grace
  15. When I Awoke This Morning
  16. Shall the Voice of the Prophet Die
  17. Ecstasy
  18. Ivory Statues
  19. Let the Voices Flow Within Me
  20. Is It Not Written?
  21. I Climb the Stairway
  22. Birth of Venus
  23. Satisfaction Satisfaction
  24. There is Hope [new version]
  25. Keyboard Playtime

Side 2:

  1. DeathDoor (parts 1 and 2)
  2. You’ll Never Make It
  3. Banshee (Hear the Cry)
  4. Running (007 Type)
  5. Reflections on This Tape
  6. Life in Suburban-land 1
  7. Suburban Rap Song
  8. DeathDoor (part 3)
  9. Childhood Bliss
  10. Random Samples
  11. There is Hope
  12. Prayer
  13. Keep Your Vision
  14. Army of Martyrs
  15. I’m not a Neo-Nazi
  16. All the Earth Will Vomit It’s Degenerates
  17. Moaning and Groaning
  18. Scottie Talks About the Orthodox Church
  19. About Erin Peacechild
  20. Death is an Open Door to Me
  21. One’s Death
  22. How God Works in Mysterious Ways
  23. Prayer for Mercy
  24. Children’s Prayers and Songs
  25. This My Family
  26. Industrial Generation and Dedication to Erin

This tape basically serves as a compilation of all of Scottie Joel Cooper’s work up until this point, with some new tracks added. This was released jointly with Key Records, so it probably saw some circulation in the tape underground. None of the tracks here are named, so I did my best to match the names here with those from past projects. In some cases it was hard, as some tracks have been split up into smaller pieces and spread out. It was a long process to digitize this one, as each side is 45+ minutes long. Since many of the songs on here are a tape copy of a tape copy, there is significant tape buzz on most tracks. But every one of Cooper’s solo tapes, Dethdoor, and Timigen are all represented here – along with many new tracks such as a rap track set to a Michael Peace accompaniment track.

Scottie Joel Cooper – Human Patrol

Scottie Joel Cooper
Human Patrol
1987 (no label)

  1. For God So Loved the World
  2. Let the Voices Flow Within Me
  3. Hellfire
  4. Come Into the Presence of the One
  5. When I Awoke This Morning
  6. Human Fear
  7. Shall the Voice of the Prophet Die
  8. Satisfaction Satisfaction
  9. Stand in the Gap
  10. There is Hope
  11. This Recording Brought to You By…
  12. A Storm Blows Across the Sky

This recording was on the back of the Dethdoor – Beyond Death master tape. It is an unreleased project by Cooper. Some of the songs here are covers of earlier ones. This tape is mostly spoken word, with some instruments, found noise, sound effects, and other sounds in the mix as well. There were no track titles with this tape, so I took a guess at the song titles. “Come Into the Presence of the One” is a new version of the track I called “Metaphysical” on his X-Perimental Poetry tape.

Dethdoor – Beyond Death

Beyond Death
1987 Jeru-Slam Records
Pensacola, Florida, USA

Scottie Joel Cooper – Vocals, sounds, instruments

Pain Face:

  1. Introduction
  2. Industrial Generation
  3. This is for You
  4. Hellfire
  5. Human Fear

Hope Face

  1. Ecstasy
  2. DeathDoor
  3. Childhood Bliss
  4. There is Hope
  5. Who Can Write? (unlisted track)
  6. Scottie Talks About the Orthodox Church

This is probably the most well-known release by Scottie Joel Cooper, since it made it into the tape underground thanks to Jeru-Slam Records. I was sent a copy of the original master tape that appears to differ in a few places from the label release. First of all, it has a track list on the inside, so that really helps with the track names. It also has an unreleased album by Cooper on the back. Also, the track “This is For You” is not on the label release. You get the first words “This is for” and then it cuts right to “Hellfire.” Also, the song “DeathDoor” is two parts on the label release (the song and then a child reading the Lord’s Prayer), but it is three parts on this tape (the song, The Lord’s Prayer, and then a spoken word poem about Death Door). There is an unlisted track after “There is Hope” on the master tape, as well as 7 minutes of Cooper talking about the Orthodox Church and why he has chosen to go that path in his beliefs. The sound here is an interesting mixture of spoken word, noise, and industrial elements. Some songs are pure spoken word, while others have interesting metallic beats as a backdrop. Also some bits and pieces of found noise here and there. The only difference between the covers of the label release and this master tape is that someone wrote “Jeru-Slam Records” in blue ink next to “Distributed by:” (and they didn’t include the list of song names).

Scottie Joel Cooper – X-Perimental Poetry

Scottie Joel Cooper
X-Perimental Poetry
1987 (no label)

Scottie Joel Cooper – Vocals, sounds

  1. U2’s “New Years Day”
  2. Under the Sun
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. Let the Voices Flow Within Me

This is more experimental sounds and poetry from Scottie Joel Cooper of Dethdoor fame. This one is much shorter than the other one. It is basically Scottie singing U2’s “New Years Day,” a quick poem, then Scottie singing “Amazing Grace,” and then a longer track of rhythmic bells ringing, various noises, and spoken word/poetic interludes. It may be separate short poems with musical interludes, or the same longer poem with musical interlude between verses. Hard to tell. I put it as one track called “Let the Voices Flow Within Me” because that was the first line… but it also kind of fits the track as a whole. The two singing tracks seemed to have others at least present for the recording – if not contributing to the song, so there might be others involved on this recording as well. The second track I also took a guess at the name.

Missing Information: Some track names

Scottie Joel Cooper – The Beat: 1958

Scottie Joel Cooper
The Beat: 1958
1985 (no label)

Side 1:

  1. Metaphysical [poem]
  2. When I Awoke This Morning [poem]
  3. I’m Not a Neo-Nazi [poem]
  4. [playing harmonica over Lone Justice’s “Sweet, Sweet Baby (I’m Falling)”]
  5. [singing Over U2’s “New Year’s Day”]
  6. 40 [acapella rendition of U2]
  7. Why Does the Heathen Rage? [acapella cover of a local Athens, GA band]
  8. Warrior [acapella rendition of Arkangel]
  9. All the Earth Will Vomit It’s Degenerates [poem]
  10. Golden Axe [acapella]
  11. Walk Forever by My Side [acapella rendition of The Alarm]
  12. [singing Over U2’s “New Year’s Day”]
  13. Theme from Cheers [recorded from TV show]
  14. Girl on the Green [acapella]
  15. Erin Peacechild [poem]
  16. [Jake Owens – sermon on the Kingdom of God, part 1]

Side 2:

  1. [interview with Glenn Stanton President of Right to Life Florida]
  2. [Jake Owens – sermon on the Kingdom of God, part 1]

This is another tape sent in along with Timigen of unreleased music. I’m not sure if I should include these here, but one of the tracks here did make it onto Jeani Bond’s New Generation Tape Show back in the day. There were no track names here, so I came up with what I thought could be possible titles. Part of the track I called “Metaphysical” was played on New Generation. There are basically four types of tracks on here:

Spoken word poetry: 1 (with bongos), 2, 3, and 9
Singing/playing harmonica over another song playing in the background: 4, 5, and 12
Acapella cover songs (and possibly original songs): 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 14
Random stuff: 13, 16, and all of side 2

Some of the acapella songs may also be covers of songs that I have never heard of. The sermon might have been on the tape before it was taped over. The interview with Glenn Stanton is particularly disturbing, as he basically said he supports the bombing of abortion clinics, proving he is not truly “pro-life.” Scottie went on to record the Dethdoor tape, which gained wider distribution.

Missing Information: Actual song titles?