Decision D – Testimony of Faith

Decision D
Testimony of Faith
1990 (no label)
Utrecht, Netherlands

Edwin Ogenio – Lead Vocals
Albert-Jan “Riffs” Vink – Lead guitars, rhythm guitars
Daniel Bootsma – Lead guitars
Ronald-Jan Kleisen – Bass, back-up vocals
Gerard van Driesten – Drums

  1. Testimony of Faith
  2. DNA
  3. Rapture
  4. Requiem

“Testimony of Faaaaaith!!!!” That’s not me getting excited about this demo – it is the scream that starts out the first song. Of course, this is a great thrash metal demo by a band that went on to release three full length albums that leaned more towards death metal. The weird thing about this demo was that it did have a cover, but that cover was not with this tape. Don’t know if it was lost by the original owner, never had one, or was a bootleg copy made for a friend of a friend. There really isn’t the loud hiss that comes from dubbing copies of copies, though. It’s pretty clean, actually. So I’ll go with either lost cover, or band ran out of covers. Or this was a “pre-release” of sorts before there was a cover. Either way: MOSH!!!

(the real cover can easily be found online, so I used it above)

Weeping Prophet – On the Verge of Tears

Weeping Prophet
On the Verge of Tears
1992 (no label)
Akron, Ohio, USA

Jim Workman – Vocals
Stewart Hilton – Guitars
Walt Wise – Bass
John Joyce – Drums

Side 1:

  1. The Voice
  2. Diotrephes

Side 2:

  1. The Warning
  2. p32

Finally – the long lost Weeping Prophet demo! Their later demo Broken seems to be all over the place if you dig for bootleg mp3s, but I have never seen this demo out there. Weeping Prophet are usually described as “progressive/thrash metal,” and that mostly holds true here. I would say this is less progressive and more thrash, but there are still some progressive elements. In some places, if they had pushed the progressive angle and made the rough style vocal moments a bit creepier, they would have sounded like Tourniquet. As it is, songs like “Diotrephes” seem to still have a strong Tourniquet influence. Also, the sound on this demo is a bit cleaner than Broken was. The band member names really aren’t given on the tape. There is a drawing of the bands hair with mostly illegible signatures under each one, and then extensive thank you lists from Jym, Stu, Walt, Ed (the manger), and John. I am assuming that these were the same band members as listed on Broken later, so I have used that info above. It could be wrong, though.

Sekel – The Final Conflict

The Final Conflict
198? (no label)
Puerto Rico, USA

  1. The Final Conflict
  2. S.B.
  3. Existence

Huh. The spine says The Final Conflict. And there are three songs off of the 6-song Final Conflict demo from 1989. But no cover art, and not all of the songs. A fan made sampler? A later demo cut down to focus on their top songs? The early version of the demo before they added 3 more songs? Whatever the story is, these are still some killer Metaliica-esque thrash songs. The band went on change their name to Order of Chaos, and then drummer Robb Rivera left to form Nonpoint Factor (now just Nonpoint and more nu-metal than thrash). I don’t really hear any difference between these songs and the longer demo – this one is just missing the cover and the last three songs.

Combat Faith – Combat Faith

Combat Faith
Combat Faith
1991 (no label)
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Albert Baca – Vocals
Joe McGrath – Guitar
Ric Buteau – Bass
Alan Tuma – Drums

  1. Child of Fire
  2. The Return
  3. Mystery Tune Mach IV
  4. Lies

This is the second self-titled demo by power/thrash metal band Combat Faith. Since their last self-titled demo in 1989, it seems they changed bass players and lost one guitar player. The J-card doesn’t list the band members’ names or song titles – I found the details listed above online and the song titles seem to match what is sung in the songs. The only difference is that one online source lists a song called “In Your Face” – but I can’t find any of the four songs that says that, and there are five listed online. Weird. But this is a great power metal / borderline thrash metal band. The drummer also played in The Moshketeers and Ultimatum.

Missing Information: confirmation of song titles and band members.

Weeping Prophet – Broken (rough mix)

Weeping Prophet
Broken (rough mix)
1993 (no label)
Akron, Ohio, USA

Jym Workman – Vocals
Stewart Hilton – Guitars
Walt Wise – Bass
John Joyce – Drums

  1. Circle of Blood
  2. Revelation
  3. Laughter
  4. Slaughter of the Innocent
  5. Anorexic

So this was originally labeled as “Ruff Mix” by Weeping Prophet. I was hoping that it was the On the Verge of Tears demo that I have never heard [update: now I have]. But it turns out this is a rough mix of the Broken demo. Which is still a cool demo, but you can find mp3s of it online if you dig. Also, the final demo was also rough, so I am not sure what they cleaned up. Weeping Prophet is progressive thrash band that got some attention through various ads in Heaven’s Metal magazine back in the day. All the info above comes from various online websites that have posted scans of the full cassette release. All this cassette had was a phone number on the tape, and then a business card for Jym Workman from his company of “Witness Wear” clothing.

D.O.N. – Demo

199? (no label)
Gladstone, Missouri, USA

Side 1:

  1. Death, Screaming, and Pain
  2. Burning Down the House
  3. What Do You Think This Is?

Side 2:

  1. What Do You Think This Is?
  2. Burning Down the House
  3. Distortion
  4. Short on Time
  5. Tear Down the Cults
  6. Cowboy Bob
  7. Satisfaction
  8. C.M.
  9. Death, Screaming, and Pain

Judging by the rusty screws and beat up plastic on this demo, I expected it to be in rough shape. And it was in places at first, but once I got past those it was fine. Seems that this is a dub of D.O.N.’s existing demos. There are three songs on side one, all of which appear on their 53 of Your Favorite Disco Tunes as Performed by D.O.N. (and 9 new ones) demo. Then side two is that entire demo. The three songs on side one sound mostly like the versions on side 2, maybe slightly different recordings. Not much here for collectors, but for someone wanting to just have a copy of their demo, it will work for that.

Missing Information: Date of release; are the songs on side 1 different versions?

Martyr – Death is Dead

Death is Dead
1987 (no label)
Van Nuys, California, USA

David Prado, Jr – Lead vocals, bass guitar
Mark Johnson – Lead guitar, BGVs
L.D. Maples – Rhythm guitar
Davey Mowry – Drums

  1. KDA
  2. Golgotha
  3. Get Christ in You
  4. Bad P.R.
  5. False Prophets
  6. True Love
  7. KKK
  8. No Goats
  9. Death is Dead

Early thrash metal from a band that many think was the original version of Betrayal. But that is not really true. After this demo, Marcus Cohen joined the band for two demos, and then went on to form Betrayal with the drummer and guitarist of the last line-up of Martyr (it changed on each demo). But this line-up of Martyr did not last beyond this demo, as it seems only David makes it to the next recording. Still, this is top level thrash with some crossover tendencies (most songs are 2 minutes or less except for one). All of the songs here except for “Get Christ in You” and “Death is Dead” made it on to the 1993 compilation Wickenstraut.