3.1 – 31 Degrees (and 2 Miles of Fog)

31 Degrees (and 2 Miles of Fog)
1992 (no label)
Lansing, Illinios, USA

Jerome Mikulich – Vocals, instruments, everything

Side 1:

  1. 31 Degrees (and 2 Miles of Fog)
  2. Let Me Be the One
  3. Wisdom
  4. Time
  5. Is This Why?
  6. David’s Dance
  7. Rules

Side 2:

  1. BDA “Bomb Damage Assessment”
  2. Satisfaction
  3. Take a Ride
  4. Nab Prophet
  5. Footprints
  6. Tell Me Why
  7. Heart’s Cry

This wasn’t a tape that I ripped, but I did find it for sale online and it was a tape that I was looking for, so I decided to go ahead and review it. The early 90s seemed to be a golden time for underground industrial/electronic music – especially in the tape demo scene. Driven by labels/fanzines/groups like Flaming Fish and Ballistic Test, it seems there are hundreds of bands lurking in the underground (an old wiki that has since died used to track over 200 of them). 3.1 (sometime spelled out as “Three Point One”) is another fine example of some well-written and recorded trance/synthpop/electronic/industrial. Unfortunately, I do not know enough about those genres to know who exactly to compare this to, but it is mostly electronic music, with cleaner sung vocals, but darker song structures, and some keyboards made to sound out like electric distorted guitars in the background. Mikulich lists Depeche Mode, New Order, and Erasure as reference points on what is the closet thing I can find to an official band page (http://www.nimbitmusic.com/_31 – where you can also buy the songs and read a more in-depth review). Those bands sound like a good reference point to me. So not fully industrial metal by any stretch, but still nowhere near to poppy techno (not that this is a bad thing). As with most of these tapes, this seems to be a one person project. There is also a Facebook page as well: https://www.facebook.com/3point1/. Note that the purchase version seems to have 5 less songs than what are listed on the tape scan I found above.