Angelix – Demo

1990 (no label)
Dallas, Texas, USA

Chris Davis – Drums
Scott Harper
Brian Fields

Side 1:

  1. Wings of Steel
  2. Turn to the Light
  3. Upon the Rock
  4. God Won’t Give Up
  5. Valley of the Mountains

Side 2:

  1. The Battle is Won
  2. At the Cross
  3. Crash and Burn
  4. “The Prayer”

Metal!!! Angelix plays a late 80s style of metal that was basically considered power metal at the time, but to today’s ears probably leans some towards speed and progressive metal. The vocalist sounds like Geoff Tate at times, but never for too long. Imagine if you could put Metal Church, Helloween, Grim Reaper, and Queensryche (the mid to late 80s versions of each, that is) into a blender: that sound is what you have here. Several of the songs on here are long songs that segue into each other. Side two is four songs that make up two long epics. Also of interest is that this demo is not in a plastic case, but wrapped in a cardboard cassingle cover. They used that space for a cool/cheesy graffiti cover, but never listed who is in the band beyond the contact info. I have added what little info I could dig up above. You can easily find mp3s for this online if you dig. Don’t believe the review you will find while digging – this demo is not “meh” – it is awesome!

Missing Information: band members