Blackhouse – Five Minutes After I Die

Five Minutes After I Die
1986 Ladd-Frith
Eureka, California, USA

Ivo Cutler
Sterling Cross

Side 1:

  1. Five Minutes After I Die

Side 2:

  1. His Zion
  2. Halo Hearth
  3. Answer for You
  4. A Thousand Tongues
  5. Numerology
  6. Five Minutes After I Die (Reprise)

The third album by Blackhouse finds the band expanding their industrial / noise sound into new directions. Following after 1985’s Hope Like a Candle, this one has one long song on side 1, and a few shorter and longer songs on side 2. However, the title track has several different parts to it, so you really have to follow the vocals to know it is one song. On the other hand, all of the songs on side 2 run into each other, so again you have to go by vocals (where present) to let you know these are different songs. This one has also been re-issued on vinyl and CD several times, but I don’t think any of those had bonus tracks like re-issues of their first tape Pro-Life did.

Blackhouse – Pro-Life

1984 Ladd-Frith

Sterling Cross
Ivo Cutler
Roger Farrell

Side 1:

  1. Born Again
  2. Love
  3. Jesus Loves You
  4. Always By Your Side
  5. Long Live Life ….into…. The One Truth
  6. Pro-Life

Side 2:

  1. Power of the Lion
  2. Go (Positive Path)
  3. Prayer
  4. Apparition ….into…. Abolition of Strife
  5. Be Good

Pro-Life was the first Blackhouse album released way back in 1984. It has been re-issued on cassette, CD, vinyl, and digital many times since then, sometimes with extensive bonus tracks. Sometimes it is listed just with one long track for each side (side one is labeled as “No Rhythm” and side 2 is labeled as “Pro-Rhythm”). They followed this one up with their second album Hope Like a Candle also in 1984. So the labels for the sides are pretty accurate. The first side is noise industrial often without much discernible rhythm. The second side has rhythm to it. It’s all made with various distorted vocals, sounds, random percussion noises, and guitar (or guitar-like) screeches and noises (plus some programmed rhythms on side 2). The next to last track on both sides are longer tracks that end up being two songs that run together (sometimes listed separately on some versions).