Blind Bartimaeus & The Grave Robbers – Soul Searching

Blind Bartimaeus & The Grave Robbers
Soul Searching
1986 (no label)
Bellaire, Ohio, USA

Bartimaeus (Bart De Stefano) – Lead Vocals, backing vocals, synthesizers, drums
Boyd Townsend – Lead guitar, rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Gregg Molnar – Rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Richard L. Fryer – Rhythm guitars
Denny Fitzpatrick – Bass
James Jobko – Bass
Mike Mazure – Bass
Joe Hamrock – Synthesizers
Chris Pappas – Synthesizers
Bill Shivlin – Synthesizers, drums
Tim Seidler – Drums

All songs by Bart De Stefano, except “A Rocker’s Gotta Dance” by Bart De Stefano and Gregg Molnar, and “Waiting for You” by Boyd Townsend.

Side 1:

  1. Love’s Got a Hold
  2. Lay It on the Line
  3. It’s for Love
  4. Returning the Favor
  5. Last Days

Side 2:

  1. Thank You
  2. A Rocker’s Gotta Dance
  3. Come Down
  4. Waiting for You

You may not know it now, but bands were a lot harder to classify stylistically back in the 80s. Today we have had decades of debate over what styles the artists were doing, and plenty of interviews with the bands themselves to help as well. But back in the day, rock bands tended to mix in new wave, punk, hard rock, dance elements, you name it. You even had classic rock bands mixing with rap. So looking back at bands like Blind Bartimaeus & The Grave Robbers, with little info online – I’m not so sure exactly what they are. Especially since they are a Christian band. Many Christian bands had to tone down more radical stylings to be less controversial. But on the other hand, they could have been a less radical band that threw in some more radical sounds in a few songs to “reach the youth.” So what is Blind Bartimaeus? Well, the first track on this tape sounds like it could be a rock a track with slight new wave leanings. But then songs like “It’s for Love” are definitely new wave. The rest of the album bounces back and forth between “kind of new wave-ish” and “definitely new wave” (except for “A Rocker’s Gotta Dance” which is, well, more of a rocker). So for this one, I am going with “new wave band that toned it down on a few songs to not be too controversial.” I could be wrong, though. Overall, this is well written and recorded 80s rock, especially for those that enjoyed the style-hopping of the rock bands back in the day.