Camel Society Kings – C.S.K.

Camel Society Kings
1987 (no label)
Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Michael Angelino – Vocals, percussion
Anthony Lancenese – Bass
Timm Marsh – Guitars

  1. Love Runs Deep
  2. Soul Divide
  3. In The Shadow

I believe that this is the second demo by Camel Society Kings, a year after their self-titled demo, but before their A Pile of Stones demo. They really know how to nail that 80s alternative rock sound. U2 is the most noticeable influence, which I love, but you can hear other influences from The Smiths to Depeche Mode. That is a wide range of sounds, but they meld it together into something that is a coherent sound of their own. This band seems to have only produced twelve songs over three demos, but they are all great quality mid to late 80s alternative/modern rock.

Camel Society Kings – A Pile of Stones

Camel Society Kings
A Pile of Stones
19?? (no label)
Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Michael Angelino – Vocals, guitars
Anthony Lancenese – Bass, vocals
David – Guitars
Jeff – Drums

  1. Always (Under Your Hair)
  2. Another Stone
  3. The Stranger

This was a surprise – I have heard two other Camel Society Kings demo tapes, but wasn’t aware of this one. No date on this tape, but from what I can find online this would be their third demo (after their 1986 self-titled and 1987’s C.S.K.). They are still doing the alternative rock thing well, with some DIY influences. Kind of somewhere between Absence of Ceramics, Blue Trapeze, and Black Carnation. Well, until they hit the rockabilly influenced “The Stranger.” But overall, a short but awesome rare demo find here.

Missing Information: What year was this released? What are David and Jeff’s last names?