Childhood – Three Geeks and a Hippie!

Three Geeks and a Hippie!
1989 (no label)
Fullerton, California, USA

Alex Rosas – Vocals
Jeremy Carlson – Guitar
Jacob Garza – Bass
Daren Leonard – Guitar/Drums
Darrell Leach – Drums

  1. Non-Conformist
  2. Man
  3. Dark Ages
  4. Nerdball/Dead Words
  5. Now I Live in Peace

Childhood was an Orange County Christian punk band that recorded this demo at Casbah Studios in Fullerton, California in 1989. In 1990 the band changed its name to Blah and released several demos. After a few years they signed to Rescue Records for their 1996 debut album and then to Bulletproof for their second album in 1998. This demo is pretty straight forward fast and frantic punk rock. No pop, no ska, no metal. If it has any leanings, I would say it nods towards skate punk a bit.

There was also a demo in 1990 that had three of the five songs above and the same players. Not sure that Darrell was on either recording, even though he is one that uploaded the songs.