Clan Diah – Demo

Clan Diah
1992 (no label)
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Chris McLennan – Lead guitar, vocals
Tim Schanie – Bass
Kendall Faull – Lead vocals, guitar
Bill Cook – Vocals
Jay Harnish – Percussion, coffee

  1. Matter of Time
  2. What Do I Gotta Do
  3. My Cathedral
  4. Much Too Much
  5. In Life

Not sure if the band name is “ClanDiah” or “Clan Diah”. It is typed out both ways in different places. While the artwork makes it seem like this might be a band influenced by Iona, I don’t detect any Irish influences on the music anywhere. “Much Too Much” actually has more of an Egyptian sound to the guitar solos, but that is about it. The sound is also a bit hard to pin down in one direction. The first three songs are 90s alternative rock like The Prayer Chain, Burning Icons, or many other early 90s “third wave” bands – with a touch of early Dig Hay Zoose thrown in. Then the last two songs take a heavy turn towards hard rock/heavy metal. It is all very well written and played – just a weird change about half way through. I would still say that the last two songs are still mostly under the “alternative rock” label – just a bit of a surprise after hearing the first three songs. The first track from this demo was also on the MooTown Records Comp In the Land of Milk and Cookies. Seems that they went on to release a full length (The Train Journey North) in 1994 and an ep (Dream Sing in 1996). Also found this description online: “Clan Diah, formed in Cincinatti in 1991, got their name when award-winning bagpipe player Christopher McLennan suggested the old Scottish phrase meaning “the children of God.” The alternative rock band gained local fame for their demo tape and live shows, eventually recording a full-length album, The Train Journey North.”