Crystavox – Wear It Out

Wear It Out
1989 (no label)

  1. Tough Boys
  2. Through the Storm
  3. You are the One
  4. In Your Arms

This one is a bit difficult to find info on, as the title of the demo is also the name of a song on their debut CD. This is one I got in a trade, so I don’t know much more than what little I can find online. Some sources list this as a 1989 demo, others only list a 1987 demo. I’m posting it here in the hopes someone can give some more concrete info about it 🙂 Three Two of these songs were released on their 20 Year Mix Bonus Disc, and I think the mp3s I got of those songs were taken from that disc. I missed that version of the disc, but hopefully they will put those tracks on upcoming reissues. The songs on this demo are the same driving metal that they recorded on their label albums. The vocals still sounds like Adam Lee Kemp, but I’m not sure if the other members are the same.

Missing Info: Cover scans, who played on this demo, pretty much all info.