Brian McGlynn – The Vital Spark

Brian McGlynn
The Vital Spark
1985 Sticky Music (GUMM010)
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Brian McGlynn – Guitars & Vocals
Stuart Don – Drums & Drum Machine Programs
Norrie Craig – Keyboard Bass & Keyboards
Ewen Vernal – Bass Guitar
Kathleen Higgins – Backing Vocals
Lorraine McIntosh – Backing Vocals

Side One:

  1. Echoes of Another World
  2. Stranger at the Party
  3. What Can I Say
  4. Walk Softly
  5. Your Turn Will Come

Side Two:

  1. Touch Sensitive
  2. Goodnight Cherie
  3. Friday Night
  4. Soul Doctor

Something about 1980s alternative from the UK – you can almost always count on it being high quality. Brian McGlynn (sometimes going by D.B. McGlynn) is no exception. This tape starts off with U2-esque chiming guitars on the first track and never looks back. You can hear low quality rips of Side 1 and Side 2 on YouTube, but trust me that the recording quality is much better than these videos. You can also see that Brian does not stick too strictly with one sound – several other sounds are woven in. I would say he has a pretty original sound of his own even. I can’t find much about Brian online other than this interview years after this demo when he was going by D.B. McGynn. You can usually count on Sticky Music doing a stand up job. There is also another version of this cassette with just McGlynn on the cover, but it is the exact same album with a different cover (see above). Oh, and there is also a 7-inch single of “Soul Doctor” out there as well.