Den S – Demo (original version)

Den S
Demo (original version)
1987 Bad Quality Tapes
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Dennis Childers – All vocals and instruments

  1. Nowheresville
  2. Small Talk
  3. Lovely Lies

I was just wonder what the difference between the remixed/expanded version of this demo and the original itself, when what do I find in the tape stack? So, you can see the original song order and three songs on the first version. What is the difference with these songs and the later ones? They are mostly similar, just having slight changes in some instruments here and there, and the intro to “Nowheresville” is different in structure (but not too much). But overall, there are still basically the same songs.

Den S – Demo

Den S
1987 (no label)
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Dennis Childers

  1. Lovely Lies
  2. Nowheresville
  3. Small Talk
  4. Burning the Midnight Oil
  5. My Research

Den S is Dennis Childers – member of Flock 14 that put out this solo demo about the same time as Flock 14’s Brave New World album was released. According to a letter in tape, this was a remixed version of a previous demo with two songs added. This is electronic / new wave / synthpop that was popular at this time in the 80s. While it is DIY through and through, it also displays great musicianship and songwriting within that genre. You can listen to this or stream it on BandCamp now as well.