Velour 100 – The Rainwater EP

Velour 100
The Rainwater EP
1995 Distant Sounds Records (DSRC 001)
Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA

Amon Krist – Singing
Trey Many – Music

Side 1:

  1. 10th Month
  2. Ritual Day
  3. Deep Water

Side 2:

  1. Parting
  2. Ambivalence
  3. Entropy
  4. Your Sky

This is a pretty well-known demo, as Velour 100 went on the sign to Tooth & Nail Records and release several CDs with them. This demo was also either remixed or recorded and partially released through Tooth & Nail as Songs from the Rainwater EP in 1997. You can see why they got signed – this is top level 90s alternative rock. The first song starts off as a lush acoustic number that seems to be heading into Sixpence None the Richer territory, but then the crunch of “Ritual Day” kicks in and you know this band is doing their own thing. The songs either tend to fade into each other, or have ambient noise connecting them together. No real silence on the tape, but it does seamlessly transition from quieter moments to louder moments to add plenty of diversity to the music. “Parting” and “Your Sky” are left off the re-release of this EP, and “Deep Water” and “Entropy” are re-recorded. “Ritual Day” is remixed as well. “Your Sky” seems to have been the only track here that made it on to their major label debut Fall Sounds in 1996. This demo is a re-released version of their earlier demo after they got signed. The band was originally just called Velour, and there are versions of this demo from earlier that have that name instead (and a different cover):