DSD – Memorial Phlebitis

Memorial Phlebitis
1990? (no label)
Houston, Texas, USA

Oatmeal – vocals and/or instruments(?)
Ash Henson – vocals and/or instruments(?)

  1. Wisdom Famine
  2. Dirge
  3. Heavy Metal Rules
  4. Romans NIV
  5. Annihilation Mutilation
  6. Revelation NIV
  7. 12,000
  8. The Christmas Song
  9. The Cat’s Meow
  10. Directions To Nowhere
  11. Memorial Phlebitis
  12. Explorations Into African Culture

This collection of songs is a grind/death where all songs are 30-50 seconds long. This is another project from Oatmeal (Red Ink/Tone Deaf/The Bumpus Hounds), and like the others this one was tacked on to the same Tone Deaf tape. This was more of a full project than the other songs on the tape. This also had some commentary along with the music. The title of the tape and “half the lyrics” are inspired by the Simpsons TV show. Matt Hallen of Red Ink wrote the lyrics to “The Cat’s Meow.” “Directions to Nowhere” is just actual directions to a concert read over music. “Memorial Phlebitis” is the imaginary disease that Bart Simpson claimed to have to get out of a test at school. Not bad if you are into this type of music. The date of 1990 is assumed because it was on a Tone Deaf tape from 1990, but could be incorrect.

Missing Information: the actual release date, who played what, cover art