Ed Englerth – Demo

Ed Englerth
19?? (no label)
Hastings, Michigan, USA

Ed Englerth – Vocals, guitar, harmonica

  1. Sin Kills
  2. Curious
  3. Her Lips Said Yes as Her Heart Said No

Ed Englerth of Armada and Preston fame returns with this three song demo. It is mostly Ed, an acoustic guitar, and a harmonica. These three songs were also released on Rational Enquirer in 1990 (not called Rational?). Well, “Her Lips Said Yes as Her Heart Said No” was renamed to “Her Lips Said Yes, But Her Heart Pounded No” (both lyrics are in the song). But otherwise it seems that these are the same versions as the ones on the album. Not sure of the date on this one, but it seems this was after 1987’s Hit the Wall but before the 1990 release of Rational Enquirer. Three pretty cool songs for being all acoustic, and Rational? is easy enough to find online, so I should give that album a listen as soon as I can. I am assuming Ed does everything here, but I could be wrong.

Ed Englerth’s Linear Action Band – Hit the Wall

Ed Englerth’s Linear Action Band
Hit the Wall
1987 (no label)
Hastings, Michigan, USA

Ed Englerth – Lead vocals, BGVs on “Steal Your Heart”, bass, acoustic guitar, guitars
John Heald – Drums, BGVs, lead vocals on “Steal Your Heart”
The Frog – Lead guitar
Jim Erdman – Screams & shouts on “Stop Making Sense”
Roland Sunkins III – violin

Side 1:

  1. Hit the Wall
  2. Stop Making Sense
  3. At Night
  4. Bitter Mind
  5. I Can Go to You

Side 2:

  1. Injustice in a Fallen World
  2. Talk Show Metaphysics
  3. Mistaken Identity
  4. Where are We Now
  5. Steal Your Heart

At first I wasn’t sure what this was, so I put it aside into the “no idea” pile. But then I found out that Ed was a member of Armada and Preston, and that members of Xalt helped with this as well… so I decided to give it a spin. There is some 80’s-alternative U2 influence here and there, but mostly I would say this goes into the hard rock category. Unfortunately, the tape was a bit chewed up and stretched out towards the end of side 1, so a couple of songs were hard to listen to. No date on this one, but my guess would be mid-80s based on the sound, as they mix alt and metal in ways that would have only happened in that time period. (Englerth comment below that it was 1987 – thanks you!)