Du Laim Brainz – Fool of It

Du Laim Brainz
Fool of It
1997 (no label)

Steve Hook (and others?)

  1. Disfunctional
  2. Discover D&X
  3. Hardly Copy
  4. Sludge
  5. The Chain
  6. Hiur Intelajunse

This is an odd tape that I traded for. The rumor is that it is Steve Hook of Empty Tomb, but it seems there are many other voices on here. It is pretty much skits, with no music. Mostly right wing critique of left wing ideas (or at least, the weird view of “left-wing politics” that is popular in evangelical churches, but not really based on reality). Of course, 20 years later we know that people on the extreme left and right wings of politics rarely understand each other, so this is just an example of one side of that. I am sure there are also some left-wing versions like this as well. Worth maybe one listen, but cringe worthy at best. Unless you find Alex Jones credible 🙂