Entourage – Afterlife II

Afterlife II
1988 (no label)
Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, USA

Vince Palamara – All guitars, bass, and bass pedals on “Babylonia”
Rob McHirella – Drums

  1. Visitors of the Dawn [James 1:27]
  2. Sinbad
  3. Dark Ages [I John 1:5]
  4. The Shuffle
  5. Babylonia [Rev 17:5]

This is a pretty DIY demo, right down to the handwritten liner notes on the inside of the cover (and on the front cover). The cassette I transferred is #1879, so that is a lot of handwriting. This is instrumental shred metal. People usually go this route because either a) they can’t find a band to play with, or b) they have the chops to do so. Vince seems to be more of the kind that has the chops, although the song writing suffers a bit for the shredding. But the shredding seems to show a lot of promise (a proper studio recording would probably clean these songs right up). So how do you know this is Christian when it is instrumental? Well, by the scripture that goes with each song of course :). I can’t tell if there is an Afterlife III, but I have found that there were at least 3 demos before this one (Heaven Can’t Wait from 1987-ish, Awaiting the Holy City from 1988-ish, and Afterlife from 1988-ish). Interesting note: the address for this tape is in Bethel Park, PA, and there is currently a Vince Palamara in Bethel Park, PA that looks like the guy on the front cover that blogs about the JFK assassination and his investigation of it. Same guy? Possibly!