Ghoti Hook – No Date

Ghoti Hook
No Date
1994 (no label)
Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Jamie Tolosa – Guitar, BGV
Adam Neubauer – Drums
Joel Bell – Vocals, songwriter
Conrad Tolosa – Guitar, songwriter
Christian Ergueta – Bass, backing vocals

All songs by Ghoti Hook

  1. Ooklah The Punk
  2. Pride
  3. Be Good
  4. Spice Drops

Ghoti Hook is a pop punk band that went on the fame and fortune 🙂 with Tooth & Nail Records. I kind of got tired of pop punk pretty fast (always liked older punk, skate punk, even power pop and new wave better). However, I always found Ghoti Hook a bit less poppy / generic and more enjoyable. This is the earliest of their two demos, but I just recently heard it due to a trade. Turns out you can easily find it online as well. Half of the songs (“Pride” and “Be Good”) seem more alternative than punk – I guess they were still finding their sound. You can find info on discogs about this release. “Ooklah the Punk” and “Spice Drops” went on to be on their major label debut Sumo Surprise.