Gramatical Enfurbulence – Nausea Hell

Gramatical Enfurbulence
Nausea Hell
1990 (no label)
Houston, Texas, USA

Oatmeal – vocals and instruments(?)

  1. Nausea Hell

Even though this is one song, there is a bunch of commentary around it that sets it up as a separate project (although a joke project). This is fast and furious death metal music, with mostly growled vocals (a few shouts) and down-tuned guitars. The man behind this is Oatmeal (of Red Ink / Tone Deaf / The Bumpus Hounds fame). This song and commentary were placed on the end of a Tone Deaf cassette as bonus tracks along with some solo Oatmeal songs, DSD, The Circumsized, and other bands. The band name doesn’t mean anything – it was apparently just given a name to fit in with other grind/death bands out there. Oatmeal says that Vic his roommate wrote the lyrics, but he recorded the music and vocals. The lyrics are apparently a joke about a bulimic person that vomits too much – not really the best thing to joke about. The date of 1990 is assumed because it was on a Tone Deaf tape from 1990, but could be incorrect.

Missing Information: the actual release date, did Oatmeal play everything