Paragon – Dead and Alive


Dead and Alive
1988 (no label)
Kingston, Washington, USA

Jeff Schronce – Guitar, vocals
Rod Banach – Bass
Paul Roraback – Drums

  1. Forsake All
  2. Roche De Ballade
  3. Give Him Glory
  4. Dead and Alive
  5. Heaven Metal

So this is the second demo (that I know of) from Paragon, a good 4 years or so after their Just Believe demo in 1988. Its hard to believe they went four years without another demo, but it could be so. The sound is also basically four plus years of musical evolution from 1984 – there are still some prog influences, but it seems they have shifted a bit from the traditional metal influences that were the rage in 1984 to a bit more of a commercial metal sound that was more popular in 1988. Paul Roraback went on to form Grammatrain after this, while Jeff Schronce formed a band called Thresh.

Paragon – Just Believe

Just Believe
1984 (no label)
Kingston, Washington, USA

Jeff Schronce – Lead vocals, guitar
Dave Schmidt – Bass, keyboards
Paul Roraback – Drums, percussion, backing vocals

  1. Just Believe
  2. Why are There So Many Sinners?
  3. Choose One Master

Paragon was a traditional heavy metal band with prog influences. As a band, they are probably most well known as having their song “Why are There So Many Sinners?” on the Underground Metal compilation in 1988. Of course, most people that read this blog are probably familiar with drummer Paul Roraback’s other band: Grammatrain. Jeff Schronce also formed a band called Thresh after Paragon as well. Interesting that both of them started here and then parted ways and both ended up in grunge bands. Of course, this demo was recorded the mid-1980s, and grunge was not really a thing at this time. I am guessing Queenscryche had more influence as far as local bands go – but Roraback’s major Rush influence is really more on display here. In 1988 they released another demo called Dead and Alive, but none of the songs on this demo made it on to that one.

Grammatrain – Demo

1994 (no label)
Seattle, Washington, USA

Pete Stewart – Vocals, guitars
Dalton Roraback – Bass
Paul J. Roraback – Drums, percussion, vocals

  1. Drown
  2. Mindform
  3. Need

Finally got this album in a trade. This short demo by Grammatrain (hopefully you know who they are) is notable mainly for the one song here that didn’t make it on to any later albums (“Mindform”). The sound here is a bit rougher and less mature than their debut album – but not by much. So this one song is not a throw away song – I guess they just ended up not liking it? The other two songs are somewhat different than their final forms. Still, an interesting peek into the bands early development. Cool DIY j-card design as well.