Scepter – The Scepter Tapes and Other Rarities​

The Scepter Tapes and Other Rarities​
2004 Hapi Skratch Records
Colorado, USA

Dave Beegle
Keith Rosenhagen
Fred Babich
Bob Burgett
Jim Iltis
Jeff Seaton
Jo Ellen Faruch

  1. Scepter Intro/Tuning Up
  2. Eye for Eye
  3. In a World
  4. Last Chance
  5. Straight From My Heart
  6. Meet Me There
  7. Against the Reds
  8. Memories of Love
  9. Falling Down
  10. Song About Television and Dogs
  11. Andy G. and Sadie D.
  12. Apocalypse When
  13. Bass Solo
  14. Flight of the Bumble Beegle
  15. The Classical Song
  16. Take It All the Way
  17. Memories

This was an interesting collection I found  on BandCamp while searching for Fourth Estate information. There are other bands called Sceptre and Holy Scepter that are not related to this band. This is the band where the members of Fourth Estate met. It seems they went their separate ways for a bit after Scepter, and then three of them came back together to form Fourth Estate. This is a collection of tracks from Scepter and various other recording sources in the mid-80s. The sound is more metal than Fourth Estate, and with vocals. A picture in the liner notes indicated this band opened for Stryper at one time, and you can see why. I still prefer Fourth Estate, but this is an interesting look at their beginnings. Of course, you can listen to the whole thing on BandCamp (embedded below). You can also find the complete liner notes and band story scanned on Discogs, but here are a few notes about the songs:

  • Tracks 1-9 are “The Scepter Tapes” (tracks 1-4 are listed as 1983, 7-9 are 1984)
  • Tracks 10-17 are “And Other Rarities”
  • Tracks 10-12 were written and performed by Jim Iltis in 1986
  • Track 13 was written and performed by Fred Babich in 1986
  • Track 14 was arranged and performed by Dave Beegle in 1981: “This was the piece that got Dave an audition with Kiss when Ace got the boot from the band”
  • Track 15 was written and performed by Dave Beegle in 1981
  • Tracks 16-17 were written and performed by Dave Beegle and JoEllen Faruch in 1982