Holy Sceptre – Demo

Holy Sceptre
199? (no label)
Cedar Hill, Missouri, USA

Marty Warren – Guitars, backing vocals

– Other possible members:
John Effinger – Vocals
Eric Peterson – Guitars, Backing vocals
Phil Bicklein – Bass, Backing vocals
Ovid Bilderbach – Drums, Backing vocals

  1. Dark Deeds
  2. Asylum
  3. The Return

Not much information on this release, but it is the same band that released Knowledge of the Holy in 1994 (which can be heard on YouTube). Two of the songs here are on that album, with “Asylum” only on this demo (as far as I can tell). Also, Marty Warren is listed as the contact, but no band members are listed. The three songs that are here are pretty good quality speed/progressive metal. A few times the guitarist seems to hesitate on the complex notes being played, but this being a demo, that is to be expected. I could see these songs transforming into killer songs on their later release with just a few tweaks and a bit more practice, so I will need to check those out. The vocals are probably nor for everyone, but if you remember a brief moment in metal history where speed metal vocalists would sing somewhere between a clean power shout and a frantic scream – that is what you have here. Personally I like it. Metal Archives shows that they were active from 1990-2001, so that means this demo could have been from any point between 1990 and 1994 I would guess. They also have a 4 song cassette called Thirst for Blood that there is really no information for online.

Missing Information: Who also played on this tape.