Immortal – Dead & Buried

Dead & Buried
1990 (no label)
Bethpage, New York, USA

Danny “Balki” Lemyre – Bass, backing screams
Dan Albert – Electric and acoustic guitars, backing barks
Scott Albert – Drums, rimshots, and lead vocals

  1. Outer Darkenss
  2. Dead and Buried
  3. Immortal
  4. Thick Headed Mule
  5. Senseless Abandon

This tape is pretty legendary in certain circles, and for good reasons. This is the first time most people heard of Scott Albert before he went on to fame and fortune as Circle of Dust / Celldweller / Klayon / etc. However, this is not industrial at all – it is firmly in the Metallica school of thrash metal. And it is an excellent example of thrash metal at that. What many don’t know is that this is also the band that featured Scott’s brother Dan – who went on to release industrial albums as Level / lvl as well as working with Scott on Argyle Park projects. The band started out as Justified Rebellion before changing names to Immortal. “Senseless Abandon” is the only track that made the transition to Circle of Dust. The copy of this tape that I transferred from unfortunately gets warped bad during the last song, but that song is also featured on the 1992 compilation Demolition from R.E.X. Records, so I guess I can listen to it there :). This is one of the few tapes that didn’t repeat the program on side 2, so I couldn’t just flip it over and get a better copy. This version also has slightly different colors on the artwork, and all 5 songs on one side – which appears to be different than other versions with a two color cover and songs on two sides. You can find this all over to listen to, including SoundCloud: