Intransit – Demo

1986 (no label)
London, England, United Kingdom

  1. Micro on the Move
  2. Bare Face to Face
  3. Troubled Vision

This was kind of a surprise find. I was only aware of Intransit’s Out of the Dark demo and the song they put on their Embryo Arts split with Pete Ward (“Micro on the Move”). Turns out that their song from the split was part of a three song demo, with the other two songs being unreleased (as far as I can tell). The sound of the other two songs are also in the same alternative rock / new wave vein as “Micro on the Move.” The demo packaging itself is pretty much as basic as you can get, so I am not sure who played on this demo. However, it seems to be the same crew from the Out of the Dark demo as far as I can tell. Also of note that the address and copyright name (Sea Dream Music) are the same as on other Plankton Records releases. The version of “Micro on the Move” on this demo seems to be the same one that was used on the split with Pete Ward.

Intransit – Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark
1984 Plankton Records (PCN 108)
London, England, United Kingdom

Steve Hunt – Vocals, drums, percussion
McCarthy Wenham – Bass guitar, percussion
Simon Law – Vocals, guitar
Mags Law – Keyboards, backing vocals

Side 1:

  1. The Divided
  2. Visions of Blue

Side 2:

  1. (I Want) News, Not History
  2. In Transit

Early British rock/alternative act that seems to have only released this and a split with Pete Ward. Intransit probably sounds like rock to many today, but this would have been more adult alternative when it was released. The keyboards at time almost give the music a Daniel Amos “Horrendous Disc” sound at times, especially on “Visions of Blue.” Before forming Intransit, Simon and Mags Law led Sea Stone, the band that helped launch Plankton Records. After this, they formed a new band called Fresh Claim that put out a lot more music than Intransit or Sea Stone put together.