Just the Job – Living in the Welfare State

Just the Job
Living in the Welfare State
1981 Just Records (JUST 1)
Arden, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Davie Barbour – Drums
Graham Bryce – Lead guitar, vocals
Dave MacLachlan – Bass, vocals
Paul Middleton – Lead vocals, jumps
Craig Smillie – Rhythm guitar, vocals

Side 1:

  1. Living in the Welfare State
  2. World War Three

Side 2:

  1. That’s the Way Love is
  2. Movies

“Quirky Power Pop” is how this extensive write-up of Just the Job describes their sound, and that is a pretty good place to start. Was sent to me as a trade. This is waaaay back in 1981, so think more of early 80s Power Pop than later versions of Power Pop. To me, this sound has always been a bit groovy, a bit ska, a bit new wave, and a bit punk – and Just the Job seems to nail it perfectly. You can also find a fairly informative Facebook page. On that Facebook page, the “Band Profile” link has downloads of this demo, as well as many other Just the Job songs. Also, a couple of the songs from this demo were uploaded to YouTube as well: