Knightriot – Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil
1989 Independent
Burbank, California, USA

  1. Rock Hard
  2. Holy Avenger
  3. Kiss the Black
  4. Wasted Youth

Danny James – Bass, vocals
Christopher Blake – Guitar, background vocals
Jeffrey Michael James – Lead vocals
Jeremy Crowther – Drums, background vocals

Knightriot is an underground Heavy Metal band you have possibly heard of if you track anything in the underground. Their demos are generally a cut above the average in quality, musicianship, and songwriting. Because of this, they had some demos distributed nationally and were featured on at least one Underground meta compilation. At one time, the old M8 label was going to release a demo compilation for them. You can find mp3’s of these all over the place. Danny James seems to be the main songwriter and leader of the band. Their sound kind of rides the line between the popular heavy metal of the late 80s and traditional/power heavy metal of the same time period (with the occasional leaning towards thrash, especially on the 8 minute long songs). One online bio also describes how they were a big deal in the old Sunset Strip metal scene. They followed this demo up with two more – Beware the Knight in 1990 and Killing Time in 1992.