Level Heads – Flirting With the World

Level Heads
Flirting With the World
198? (no label)
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Possible band members (based on later releases):

Jim Chevalier – Vocal, guitar
Todd Gillings – Drums
Craig Gillings – Vocal, bass
Scott Douglas – Marimba, keyboards

Side 1:

  1. No Mysteries
  2. When the Walls Come Down
  3. Heart Breaker
  4. Division (is a Cancer)
  5. Just Another Miracle

Side 2:

  1. Flirting With the World
  2. The Universe is Out of Control
  3. Surrender
  4. How Long

This was an interesting surprise. I had originally put this aside thinking it was the same album as the self-titled vinyl I had from this band because they both have the same cover. But then I looked at it and found out it is a mostly different list of songs. This is the same band that went on to release Momento Mori on Broken Records in 1988. The biggest problem here is that the tape I transferred is in reeeeally bad shape. Wow and flutter takes over a little bit from the first song on each side, and just gets progressively worse as each side plays on. Songs speed up and slow down and sound warbly throughout. I hope to find a better condition tape someday. “How Long” appears again on their self-titled vinyl ep, and “The Universe is Out of Control” also appears again on Momento Mori. There was no date on this tape. The sound here is still alternative, but more traditional rock-leaning than their 1986 ep or 1988 full length, so I am guessing this is an earlier demo. Also, no liner notes – so I am not sure who played on it. Oh, and the bands name is “Level Heads” on the cover, “Levelheads” on the spine, and “The Levelheads” on the tape. I went with “Level Heads” because that is what is on all later releases.

Missing Information: release date, band members