Nancyjo Mann – Value of Life

Nancyjo Mann
Value of Life
1984 Light Records (LC-5841)

Side 1:

  1. Value of Life
  2. Let the Children Come to Me
  3. If I Knew Then
  4. He Asked Me to Dance
  5. Ralph the Carpenter
  6. Jesus Takes a Step

Side 2:

  1. Thank You
  2. What Must They Do for Our Love
  3. Shauna Marie
  4. Goodbye
  5. All Alone

This is the hard to find solo album from Barnabas’ Nancy Jo Mann. This came out between Feel the Fire and Little Foxes. You can tell from the cover that this is not going to be metal. It is mostly mellow tracks. Some sources have referred to this as “Nancy Jo Mann & Friends” and now I can see why. The first two songs have a guy singing – but since there are no credits on the tape, I have no idea who it is. Like most Light Records releases at the time, the tape version had little information on it. But what little there is tells us who wrote the songs. The first side is all pretty much written by people other than Nancy, except for one song she co-wrote. The second side features mostly songs written by Nancy and various members of Barnabas (except for one). Only one song (“Shauna Marie”) was written entirely by Nancy. The last two songs on the album are written by various members of Barnabas. “Goodbye” was originally written and recorded for this project by members of Barnabas. “All Alone” was originally intended for Approaching Light Speed but left off, then recorded for this album, and then re-recorded again for Little Foxes. These last two songs really kind of stick out on the album as they are definitely rock/metal (even though the first track on side 1 – “Thank You” – is also a pretty upbeat rocker as well). The lyrical theme for the entire album deals with Nancy’s experiences with abortion as well as various pro-life views on birth and life. For those on the pro-choice side, you will find many of the typical evangelical misunderstandings of your position, but nowhere near as groan-inducing as modern day misunderstandings.