Righteous Anger – The Third Heaven

Righteous Anger
The Third Heaven
198? Little Buddy Records

Dan Clayton – Voices
Shawn Johnson – Guitar and Screams
Julia Johnson (no relation) – Bass
Paul Mumaw – Drums

Joel Jensch – Bass
Angie Earnisse – Vocals
Joel Grimes – Keys
Toby Franks – Oboe

Side 1:

  1. Crazy World
  2. Song to Myself
  3. That One
  4. Cronicles
  5. White Sheet
  6. Coal Wagon
  7. Now I See [bonus track]

Side 2:

  1. Eye
  2. Is There Time
  3. Far Away
  4. Feel
  5. One Day
  6. Chasing the Wind
  7. Make Up Our Minds [bonus track]

Another demo from Righteous Anger – again with no date on it. It could be the one before or after Framed Reality – who knows? This one seems to have a more focused alternative rock sound throughout. But they do switch lead vocalists for one song on this demo as well. Unfortunately, this one also has some tape distortion / wow + flutter on it as well. Not as bad as some tapes do, but the last one I transferred by them had the same problem, so I see a trend here. This band probably changed names to The Perpetual Now and signed to Narrowpath Records (but never released an album under that name as far as I can tell). Too bad – they were putting out some interesting alternative rock. Paul Mumaw also went on to play drums for Soulfood 76. The handwritten tape label states there are “2 extra tunes” on here – it seems that the last song on each side is a bonus (since they aren’t listed on the cover). I had to take a guess at the song titles of those two.

Missing Information: Release date, names of two bonus songs.

Righteous Anger – Framed Reality

Righteous Anger
Framed Reality
198? Little Buddy Records

Dan Clayton – Lead vocals
Joel Grimes – Keys
Angie Earnisse – Vocals & Guitar
Paul Mumaw – Drums
McCorkle – Bass
Shawn Johnson – Lead Guitar

Side 1:

  1. Live Your Life
  2. The Answer
  3. They Said

Side 2:

  1. The Reign
  2. The Calling
  3. Wittness

This is a bit of an odd collection of music – the tape starts off with a song that sounds mostly like a mid-80s Christian rock (kind of a slightly more punk-ish Petra). Then a song that is less-punk-ish Petra. The third song kind of ventures into more alternative rock – and a female lead vocalist. Side 2 is pretty much all alternative rock, and all male lead vocals. This tape also had significant wow + flutter towards the end of side 1, which affected the last song on side 1 and the first 2 on side 2 significantly. The players on this were listed only by last name on the tape itself, but I got most of their first names from another (later? earlier?) demo called The Third Heaven. I recognize some of the names in the band, but need to research more to know why they sound familiar. The one I recognize the most is Paul Mumaw, who went on to play drums for Soulfood 76. No date is given on the demo, but I am putting it in the 80s because an early 1990 issue of ACM Journal lists both demos. The interesting thing is that it lists both of these demos under a new band name “The Perpetual Now,” stating they were newly signed to Narrowpath (ACM tended to list older or former band names after the name of demos for new bands like this). So at some time after this demo, they changed names to The Perpetual Now and signed to Narrowpath Records.

Missing Information: Release date, location, McCorkle’s first name.