Mark Krischak & Friends – Volume 1

Mark Krischak & Friends
Volume 1
1988 Key Records (KEY 4)
Fullerton, California, USA

Side 1:

  1. Louvre – Another Time, Another Place
  2. Louvre – I’m with You
  3. Vacation in Heaven – In His Scene (live)
  4. Vacation in Heaven – I Take a Walk (live)
  5. Vacation in Heaven – Automatic News (live)
  6. Vacation in Heaven – The Kingdom (live)
  7. Mark & Kirk – Watch Nowhere

Side 2:

  1. Lifesavors – Passin’ Trends (live)
  2. Lifesavors – Voices (aka “Lost in the Darkness”)
  3. Lifesavors – I’ve Got To
  4. Labor of Love – Message to the Bands
  5. Labor of Love – All My Love
  6. Labor of Love – It’s So Simple
  7. Labor of Love – Modern World

This is basically a compilation of various Mark Krischak bands – kind of a “best of” in many ways. Some of these songs can be found on other demos. The two songs from Louvre were on their 6 Song Demo. All four of the songs by Labor of Love are from their Message for the Bands demo. However, the Lifesavors songs are from different sources – one from The Lost Nashville Demo (“Voices” is the same song as “Lost in the Darkness”), one from 3-14-81 Live (“I’ve Got To”), and one (“Passin’ Trends”) that in only available here. The Vacation in Heaven are live songs only on this collection, even though two of them (“I Take a Walk” and “Automatic News”) are on the Vacation in Heaven demo. Then there is Mark & Kirk covering “Watch Nowhere” by Lifesavers – a song written by Michael Knott after Krischak left The Lifesavors and they changed names to Lifesavers. Interesting choice, especially since that song was written by Knott. So are there any differences between these bands? Well, yes and no. They all have distinct differences, but Krischak kind of connects them all with his garage pop sound as well. You can still get this album through Jeani Bond at

Jeani Bond / Key Records

If there was an epicenter of the Christian Tape Underground, it would be Jeani Bond and Key Records. I wasn’t part of the actual scene back in the 80s and 90s, but from what I understand, she was one of the “key” people in promoting so many obscure tapes with her Regeneration Radio tape show and distribution efforts. She continues to promote this music to this day. If you are not familiar with her, you can get a good overview with this podcast interview she did recently with The Antidote:

Then, of course, there is her website – which still has a lot of rare music for sale:

She also keeps a large archive of tape and zine and related miscellany on her Flicker account:

Last, but not least, there is her radio show archives (with tons of rare songs):

and her current playlist on SoundCloud with even more music: