Shroud – Candy, Darling?

Candy, Darling?
1993 Rage Records
Tocca Falls, Georgia, USA

Lee Bozeman
Glenn Black
Jamey Bozeman
Chris Foley

Side 1:

  1. Velvet
  2. Touch
  3. (And I Say) Bitter
  4. Anniversary

Side 2:

  1. Me, The Lounge Singer
  2. This Season
  3. South
  4. Carnival Vamp
  5. Sleeper
  6. Stay Still

For those in the know, you immediately recognize this as an early demo by the band that soon changed their name to Luxury. Most of this demo is available on BandCamp (for some reason, “Carnival Vamp” was left off of BandCamp), so you can listen to this there. The year before this demo, the band was called The Shroud, and they released a demo called Tinsel. Later on the same year after this demo was released, the band changed names to Luxury and released It Might As Well Be Skin (also known as The Pink Tape). “(And I Say) Bitter” (renames “Bitter, Once Again”) and the full version of “South” (only 48 seconds are on this tape) was later re-recorded for their Tooth & Nail label debut Amazing and Thank You in 1994. Both of the songs “Velvet” and “Touch” were also included on their tape compilation Nude at Last in 1996.

Luxury – Luxury demo

Luxury demo
1994 (no label)
Toccoa, Georgia, USA

Lee Bozeman – Vocals, guitar
Jamey Bozeman – Guitar, background vocals
Matt Hinton – Guitar
Chris Foley – Bass
Glenn Black – Drums

  1. Pink Revenge
  2. South
  3. Vanity
  4. My Last Gasp
  5. Flaming Youth Flame On
  6. The Luxury Theme
  7. Solid Gold
  8. When the Curtain Falls

So this appears to be an early demo by Luxury that is not really listed anywhere online. The cover is close to It Might as Well be Skin (except that it is blue and has a few extra images). It also has all of the songs on It Might as Well be Skin in addition to demo versions of “Vanity” and “Flaming Youth Flames On.” Since it was a year later than It Might as Well be Skin, it seems to be a later version of that demo with two songs added. All of the songs on here that are on the pink demo appear to be the same versions, while the version of “Flaming Youth Flames On” appears to be the same as the one they put on the their split with Sunbeam. The version of “Vanity” seems to be original to this demo. However, all of the songs on this demo were re-recorded for Luxury’s Tooth & Nail Records debut Amazing and Thank You in 1995 except for “My Last Gasp.” Interesting rare tape. The band members are not listed on the tape, but the list above is assumed based on other releases.

Luxury – Nude at Last

Nude at Last
1996 (no label)

  1. Honeymoon
  2. I Don’t Hate Her Anymore
  3. Velvet
  4. Touch
  5. Flaming Youth Flames On
  6. When the Curtain Falls
  7. From the Lion Within
  8. Hell or Highwater

This tape was a compilation put together by Luxury after their first Tooth & Nail release Amazing and Thank You, but before their second release The Latest & The Greatest. It mostly contains songs off of previous (at that point) releases and two preview songs from the upcoming release. “Honeymoon” and ” I Don’t Hate Her Anymore” were the lead tracks from Tinsel by The Shroud (the first name for Luxury). “Velvet” and “Touch” were the first two tracks from Candy, Darling? by Shroud (the second name for Luxury). “Flaming Youth Flames On” is the original version of this song, originally released on the band’s split with Sunbrain. This version is different from the version later on Amazing and Thank You. “When the Curtain Falls” is the version that was the closing track on Luxury’s demo It Might as Well Be Skin. The two new songs (as the time of this release) – “From the Lion Within” and ” Hell or Highwater” – were both later released on The Latest & The Greatest, and the versions here sound the same as the ones on the official release. So you can pretty much find all of these versions of these songs on their BandCamp page, with the exception of the early version of “Flaming Youth Flames On.”However, the final version of that song is on their page.