Red Rum Trance – Red Rum Trance

Red Rum Trance
Red Rum Trance
1998 (no label)

Matt Frantz – Electric guitar, fretless guitar, bass, classical guitar, synthesizer, acoustic and electric drums

Side 1:

  1. Shrill Chasm (Down Into The Rabbit Hole, Down Into The Fault Line, What It Is To Be A Chisel)
  2. Rhythmic Clawing (It Wants Out, You Can Hear It, You Can Feel It, What Is It?)
  3. What You’re Feeling?/That Scares Me (Marching Rush, What Do You Mean Creativity? I’m Just Writing Down What I’m Feeling)
  4. Creepwalking (Walk Like A Creep, Walking In Your Creep)
  5. Lungs Filling With Fluid (Lungs Still Filling, Swelling Blister, Slowly Convulsing Violin)
  6. Casting Out/Killing Witches (Pushing It Down, Burning It Back)
  7. Alpine (Acoustic Fallout, Aerial Trapeze)

Side 2:

  1. Oriental Fighting Style (Constant Attack From All Angles At Once)
  2. Lazy Guillotine (Mutating Metal In Motion)
  3. Taunt, Taunt, Jab, Jab (Dominant Monkey)
  4. Red Rabbit Staring You Down (White Rabbit Turning Red, Chaser, Down Into It)
  5. Clash Classical Crash (Confrontational Tones)
  6. Sailing Off The Edge Of The Earth (Suspended In Firmament, Clear Through, A Sea Serpent Myth)
  7. Dead Calm (Twelve Feet Deep, Warm And Translucent)
  8. Snap (A Transcription Of A Dream)

As the cassette says above, this is most of the tracks that were later released as Red Rum Trance. Red Rum Trance is Matt Franz, and this was his third solo album. I believe that Red Rum Trance was also the name of the project as well at the time it was released. All of the tracks are on BandCamp now, so you can see that for some reason, two tracks from side one (“Out of the Ashes” and “Startle-Swarming”) were left off of this tape. The sound here is experimental noise made on guitars and percussion instruments/percussive things. There are recognizable rhythms and song structures here, so it’s not completely noise, but those rhythms and structures are often very free form and mixed with noise as well. Frantz describes this as a mixture of “Industrial, Ambient, Tribal, Jazz, Oriental Folk, and Noise.” That is pretty accurate. I kind of like it.

Graphic Verses – Graphic Verses

Graphic Verses
Graphic Verses
1997 (no label)
Cincinatti, Ohio, USA

Matt Frantz – Vocals, instruments

Side 1:

  1. Hate, Lust & Depression
  2. Confliction
  3. Us

Side 2:

  1. Us (continued)
  2. Flood

Graphic Verses is one of many projects by Matt Frantz, who I believe is still active to this day (or at least recently). This album was also released on CD, which is what I used as a guide for breaking up the tracks. Otherwise, the songs pretty much flow into each other (they are all at least 10 minutes long, with one going over 20). Also, it seems that track 3 is partially on Side 1 and partially on Side 2 on tape, but kept together as one track on the CD. So there might be a slight difference there between the tape and CD. This is a very experimental noise tape, with spoken word and vocal noise played over randomly-played instruments, all of which are often layered on top of each other. This is definitely the more experimental side of noise, compared to the more industrial side of the other tapes I have written about here. You can also find some more information about this project on Frantz’s website.