Tone Deaf – Mild Concussion

Tone Deaf
Mild Concussion
1990 Mush Mosh Music
Spring, Texas, USA

Oatmeal – All music, vocals, and lyrics
Chris Fales – Back up on “God Skull”

Side 1:

  1. Death Squad
  2. God Skull
  3. Forgiveness Song
  4. In the End
  5. Norm
  6. Corruption
  7. Hell Bound

Side 2:

  1. Soon, My Love
  2. Oatmeal’s Hairdo
  3. Dudley The Happy Dinosaur Goes West
  4. Mild Concussion

Yes, that is the same Oatmeal that played in Red Ink and The Bumpus Hounds. This is a lo-fi punk rock demo (with a few songs that border on crossover thrash). How lo-fi? The liner notes say “I used home utensils and a cookie canister and microphone case for drums.” I did find this review about it online, but the weird thing is that the song that is posted in that review is not “God Skull” on the demo. The main issue with this demo is that the recording volume is too low, with one channel so much lower than the other that it is almost nonexistent. This issue makes it hard to listen to. There is a trick in Audacity to bring both channels up to the same level (do the Normalize effect and then select the option for “normalizing stereo track separately”). Once you do that, it is easier to listen to (this was also sent to me as a trade, so I was able to normalize it and listen a few times). So, yes, it is lo-fi – however, there are some interesting ideas in raw demo form. Its kind of what I like about underground demos 🙂