New Society – Endless Frontiers

New Society
Endless Frontiers
1994 Key Records

Everything by Rick Roman

Compiled by Jeani Bond

Side 1:

  1. Crash and Burn=
  2. Life is No Beach@
  3. Temptation (kick mix)+
  4. The Real Pledge=
  5. Spiritual Fight=
  6. Pass That Money Plate=
  7. Follow the Chant (He died mix)*#
  8. New Election+
  9. White Room#&
  10. Candle in the Wind+
  11. Separation%

Side 2:

  1. The Crucified%
  2. Purpose of Life%
  3. Beware the Nicolatian (In Between)&+
  4. Children of the Beast*
  5. Rumors&
  6. My Secret Symphony&
  7. Don’t Push Jesus+
  8. The End Vision&
  9. A Ride@

@ A Taste of Black
# So Red a Revelation
% True Faith
& Eternity
+ Election Fact 1C
* Children of the Beast
= In Focus

This basically serves as a “best of” compilation that Jeani Bond and Key Records put together from 7 previous tapes. I don’t believe there is anything new here, and there are a lot of songs, but because it is a “best of,” there really isn’t any filler. I think I have heard most of the tapes that these songs come from, so it is interesting to see what was picked for this compilation. Can’t say I have any disagreements. For those that don’t know, New Society was an industrial band that also mixed in many other styles, such as synth pop and alternative rock. Many of their albums are up for free download as well.

New Society – World Order

New Society
World Order
1992 Roman Recordings
Wonder Lake, Illinois, USA

Rick Roman – Vocals, guitar, keyboards, sampling
James Wayman – Bass

Side 1:

  1. World Order
  2. The Beast
  3. Where’s the Rapture?

Side 2:

  1. World Order (mega mix)

At first I was confused about seeing a New Society tape that I had never heard of. But it turns out this is basically a cassette single of “World Order” from Election Fact 1C. “The Beast” is not the same song as the title track from Children of the Beast in 1992, while “Where’s the Rapture?” was re-recorded in a much different version on In Focus in 1993. So it seems you have an unreleased song, a new mix of another song, and a vastly different original version of yet another song on this tape. They also released Eternity in 1992, but it seems there were no songs shared with that tape. The sound is techno/electronic/industrial, with this tape having slightly more prominent distorted guitars than other tapes.

New Society – Eternity

New Society
1992 Roman Recordings
Wonder Lake, Illinois, USA

Rick Roman, Jr. – Vocals, guitar, keyboards, sampling, bass
James Wayman – Bass, keyboards

Side 1:

  1. Eternity
  2. Beware the Nicolaitan (In Between)
  3. Silent Scream
  4. White Room (Disco Remix)
  5. Rumors
  6. My Secret Symphony

Side 2:

  1. My Secret Symphony (Long mix)
  2. The Call (1987 Mix)
  3. Rumors (Work It Out)
  4. Play Thru Me

This tape is at least the 4th (that I know of) demo by New Society. On this release, New Society was a duo. The tape starts off with an almost-ambient almost-instrumental (some minimal percussion and a few spoken/whispered statements here and there add texture that you typically don’t get with ambient music) before jumping into techno-leaning industrial. The music kind of bounces back and forth between different flavors of techno-leaning industrial. The cover indicates that these songs are from a period of several years prior to this release, and the inclusion of different mixes of songs lends to the feel of a compilation. So how does this tape compare to 2019 free version they just released? It seems the 2019 version has different versions of most of the songs here, all that are longer or shorter than the original versions. “My Secret Symphony” was cut down to a minute and a half, for example. At least 8 new songs were added. Oh, and “Play Through Me” was renamed to “Sonic Voyage” on the 2019 version.

New Society – Updated Versions of Older Tapes

For those that weren’t aware, New Society albums are usually up for download somewhere online. However, some of them have been disappearing here and there, so it seems Rick Roman, Jr. has fixed that, as well as tweaking/updating some releases. If you haven’t heard of New Society, it was an electronic project run by Rick Roman (with others joining him from time to time) that mixes industrial, techno, metal, trance,you name it. There are many more New Society albums than the ones up online now – not sure if they will be added or not. Also of note are NEW songs from 2019 in there are well. But currently up on Soundclick for free download:

  • A Taste of Black (Anthology 1990 updated 2019)
  • So Red a Revelation (Anthology 1990 updated 2019)
  • True Faith (Anthology 1990 updated 2019)
  • Eternity (Anthology 1992 updated 2019)
  • E.T.S.G.A.N.W. (Anthology 2003 updated 2019)
  • REG.NO.2615161 (Anthology 2004 updated 2019)
  • New Life (Anthology 2008 updated 2019)
  • Collective (2019)

Jeani Bond / Key Records

If there was an epicenter of the Christian Tape Underground, it would be Jeani Bond and Key Records. I wasn’t part of the actual scene back in the 80s and 90s, but from what I understand, she was one of the “key” people in promoting so many obscure tapes with her Regeneration Radio tape show and distribution efforts. She continues to promote this music to this day. If you are not familiar with her, you can get a good overview with this podcast interview she did recently with The Antidote:

Then, of course, there is her website – which still has a lot of rare music for sale:

She also keeps a large archive of tape and zine and related miscellany on her Flicker account:

Last, but not least, there is her radio show archives (with tons of rare songs):

and her current playlist on SoundCloud with even more music: