Looking for Info: New Words – 1st Waves

New Words
1st Waves
1985 Venice Records (V.nw001)

  1. Aquamarine
  2. The Snow Is Falling
  3. The Pearls
  4. Gold Sparkles
  5. Invitation To A Marriage

One of the best sources to find rare tapes and music is YouTube. If I am looking for something rare, that is usually the first place I will hit up. Sometimes I find full demos and information, other times it is nothing. Often I just find one song with not much else about the band. Such is the case with minimal/syth/coldwave/darkwave band New Words. The one track below is labeled in a way to indicate it is a Christian underground album, but other than a Discogs entry I can’t find much else. If you know anything about this release, let me know!