Opinion 8 – Combat Boots

Opinion 8
Combat Boots
199? (no label)

Joe Wallace – vocals and instrument manipulation

  1. Corporate Thugs
  2. Stomach Pump Guy
  3. Odors of the Olympics Giveaway
  4. Are You Ready to Kill for Money
  5. I Hate the CIA
  6. Everybody Loves Liquid Lard
  7. Instrumental
  8. You Can Drink Now
  9. Look Forward to Your Own Death
  10. We Need Those Bodies Frank
  11. Warm Goat Sweat

This tape follows in the footsteps of Don’t Quit You Day Job with experimental music mixed with spoken word and comedy skits. (Or maybe it came before that one and it blazes the pathway?) The music has a lot more structure and melody than you find in most experimental music, but it still heads a bit outside of typical alternative rock formats. No song titles were given, so I named the tracks based on what they seem to be talking about most. However, some tracks (like the third one) are mostly instrumental with a skit or spoken word intro/brief section. So who knows what the songs were really called? I am assuming that this is still just Joe Wallace on this tape as well, but that could be wrong.

Missing Information: Song titles, release date, did anyone else play on this?

Opinion 8 – Don’t Quit Yer Day Job

Opinion 8
Don’t Quit Yer Day Job
1994 Camouflage Records

Joe Wallace – vocals and instrument manipulation

  1. Psychadelic Beige Orangutangs
  2. The Oppressed
  3. For Art’s Sake
  4. Jack the Happy Suicide
  5. Test Patterns
  6. New World
  7. Decline
  8. Ostrich Behavior
  9. Won’t Be You Today
  10. Ends Abruptly & Too Soon

This tape is a bit different, even from those that are a bit different. The credits thank IDY and other experimental bands, and there is a noticeable influence of these bands on the music. But there is also a strong sense of song structure that is alternative rock in nature. It comes across as a more experimental Crazed Bunnyz or a more alternative rock leaning IDY. It looks like Wallace is responsible for the played and electronic instruments. I kind of dig it, and it sounds pretty original to me – but maybe I don’t know the experimental underground as well. Are you wondering about the title of the last song? It pretty much describes what actually happens to the song. There is also another un-dated demo from before or after this one called Combat Boots.