Bahumutsi Theatre Company of Soweto – Umongikazi (the Nurse) / The Hungry Earth

Bahumutsi Theatre Company of Soweto
Umongikazi (the Nurse) / The Hungry Earth
1983 Plankton Records (PCN106)
South Africa

Side 1:

  1. Umongikazi Part 1
  2. Umongikazi Part 2
  3. Umongikazi Part 3
  4. Umongikazi Part 4
  5. Umongikazi Part 5
  6. Umongikazi Part 6
  7. Umongikazi Part 7
  8. Umongikazi Part 8

Side 2:

  1. The Hungry Earth part 1
  2. The Hungry Earth part 2
  3. The Hungry Earth part 3
  4. The Hungry Earth part 4
  5. The Hungry Earth part 5
  6. The Hungry Earth part 6
  7. The Hungry Earth part 7

This is one of the earliest releases by Plankton Records. The label states these are songs from the two plays listed in the title. Each song probably has a song title, but I can’t find those online. I did find a book that tells the story of the Bahumutsi Drama Group and the ways it fought apartheid in South Africa with these plays. You can read about that online. Some sources list this as a cassette single. It’s really too long for that – at just under 25 minutes, it is really even a bit long for an EP, but that is closer to what it is. The sound here is a Capella music with some claps for rhythm here and there, but mostly just the compelling voices of the Bahumutsi Drama Group.

Missing Information: Song titles


Marc Catley – This is the Birth of Classical Acoustic Rock

Marc Catley
This is the Birth of Classical Acoustic Rock
1986 Plankton Records (PCN115)
London, England, United Kingdom

Marc Catley – Vocals, acoustic guitar on “Help Me”
Paul Donnelly – Keyboards, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, classical guitars, drum machine
Jeremy Cooke – Keyboards
Alison Donnelly – Vocals

  1. Love
  2. Write Your Will on My Heart
  3. Help Me
  4. Peace
  5. The Answer
  6. New Life
  7. Hosea

This is a rather rare tape by Marc Catley – apparently his first for Plankton Records. He would go on to do several eclectic/progressive/alternative collaborations with Geoff Mann, as well as his own various bands. As the title suggests, this is mostly acoustic music, with a few other instruments thrown in here and there. The only places this tape gets close to rock is in the upbeat songs “Love” and “Hosea” (this one with some cool spacey keyboards), or possibly the electric guitar-augmented “Help Me.” Otherwise, this tape appeals mostly to fans of folk/acoustic rock.

Marc Catley & Band – Hot Air for Jesus

Marc Catley & Band
Hot Air for Jesus
1993 Plankton Records (PCN139)
London, England, United Kingdom

Marc Catley – Vocals, guitar, keyboards, mandolin, voice overs, sound effects
Marianne Velvart – Vocals, voice effects, sound effects
Duncan Parsons – Drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals, voice overs, mandolin, lead boing, backing saw, sound effects

Jill (Peel) Towers – Flute, voice overs, sound effects
Martin Heap – Bass guitar
Clive Davenport – Electric guitar
Jonathan Dunn – Voice overs, sound effects, keyboards
Jake Willis – Voice overs, sound effects, keyboards
Steve Olner – Voice overs, sound effects
Andy Lardbrow – Voice overs

Side 1:

  1. My Guardian Angel Drives a White Sierra
  2. Hot Air for Jesus
  3. Good Wholesome Entertainment for the Christian Young Man
  4. Christ Massacred
  5. Stock Prophecy
  6. The Eternal and Never Ending Dance of Life That Weaves Across the Cosmos in Wave After Wave of Pulsating Vibrating Vibrant Warmth From the Heart of Deep Majestic Suns Fed on Interstellar Dust That is the Carrier of the Seed of the Life-Essence That We Call Love
  7. Isn’t He?
  8. Glib and Roly Bonnet Medley
  9. Keith…

Side 2:

  1. Christian World Concern ‘93
  2. False Pretences
  3. We’re in Love with Ourselves
  4. Mould Me Lord
  5. Sunday Best
  6. You Could Say
  7. Dope Man Every Time
  8. Good Wholesome Entertainment (reprise)

If you can’t tell by the songs titles… or how it is explicitly spelled out on the cover… this is satirical music. Most of this falls in the acoustic rock/alternative rock range. The tape packs in 8-9 songs in 18 minutes per side, so many of these are short songs. Track 6 on side 1 is – you guessed it – a 13 second long instrumental. A lot of the humor here is distinctly British in nature – a bit dry and tinged with a lot of social commentary. “Keith…” is pretty much a statement to someone name Keith to stop leaving messages on someone’s “answer phone.” Side B lists a song called “Tina Matthews” as track 2, but I can’t find a matching track on the tape there. Marc Catley has released many rock/alt/acoustic releases before and after this one, some while working with Geoff Mann. The tape has a pretty cool black & white extensively detailed hand drawn j-card. Marc Catley is now an ordained minister with the Church of England, and doesn’t appear to be recording music anymore.

Intransit – Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark
1984 Plankton Records (PCN 108)
London, England, United Kingdom

Steve Hunt – Vocals, drums, percussion
McCarthy Wenham – Bass guitar, percussion
Simon Law – Vocals, guitar
Mags Law – Keyboards, backing vocals

Side 1:

  1. The Divided
  2. Visions of Blue

Side 2:

  1. (I Want) News, Not History
  2. In Transit

Early British rock/alternative act that seems to have only released this and a split with Pete Ward. Intransit probably sounds like rock to many today, but this would have been more adult alternative when it was released. The keyboards at time almost give the music a Daniel Amos “Horrendous Disc” sound at times, especially on “Visions of Blue.” Before forming Intransit, Simon and Mags Law led Sea Stone, the band that helped launch Plankton Records. After this, they formed a new band called Fresh Claim that put out a lot more music than Intransit or Sea Stone put together.