Red Ink – Brutal Recompense

Red Ink
Brutal Recompense
1992 (no label)
Baytown, Texas, USA

Ash Henson – Guitar, vocals
Jorge Molne – Lead guitar
Neil (Oatmeal) – Bass
Matt Hallen – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Saved by Grace
  2. Depths of Hell
  3. Choose Today a Kingdom
  4. Soldiers of Hate
  5. Flesh and Blood

Side 2:

  1. Brutal Recompense
  2. King David (instrumental)
  3. Descension
  4. The World After

Red Ink is one of the better underground death/thrash metal bands that never got signed. Someone sent me some rare music that their bass player Oatmeal recorded (that I will be adding soon as well). So I went on the hunt for this tape – and found the whole thing on YouTube! You can also find full scans of this one on discogs, as well as of their first demo tape Raw Meat. The recording quality is a bit muddy and rough, but the mosh still shines through. Would have loved to heard this band enter a full studio. “Kind David” is an instrumental that works in a couple of James Bond themes into the music as well. Oatmeal also recorded much music, both solo and with others in bands like Tone Deaf, The Bumpus Hounds, Gramatical Enfurbulence, DSD, and The Circumsized. The video below in a playlist of all of the songs on this demo – use the drop-down the the upper left corner to see all tracks.