Gunshots at 9:50 – Gunshots at 9:50

Gunshots at 9:50
Gunshots at 9:50
1990 (no label)
Central Hollywood, California, USA

Scottie Joel Cooper – Vocals
John Williamson – Instruments

Side 1: Scottie Joel Cooper and John Williamson

  1. Purgatory is Hell
  2. Just South of Wilshire
  3. The Southland
  4. Harlot Lover and Jew-Boy
  5. Working Class: Act IX
  6. A Thrash Song

Side 2: John Williamson solo

  1. [hello Scottie]
  2. Let Go
  3. Stew Dents
  4. Passing Property
  5. [reading a letter]
  6. Stalemates [spoken word]
  7. This Dirt Hurts
  8. [did you ever get my letter?]
  9. [bass jam]
  10. [randomness]
  11. Victoria Williams – Holy Spirit

This was another unreleased rarity from Scottie Joel Cooper. In June 1990, John Williamson of The Grape Vine ‘zine got together to hang out and record some jams together. This tape was the result of that. It’s pretty random and spontaneous. Side one is mostly Scottie singing and talking over John’s acoustic guitar. Side two is a tape that John recorded to send back to Scottie – it is even more random. It has some songs, some spoken word, a letter being read, John’s reaction to the latter, some bass guitar solo meandering, and then a Victoria Williams song at the end. There are probably a lot of these tapes out there – back in the 80s and 90s, people with even an ounce of musical desire would take “mix-tapes” to the next level by recording their own song ideas and ramblings on them to send to a friend or even different band members. Sometimes they did it to get attention for their talents, other times it was just to do something different other than write a letter. As a note, Scottie goes by “Harlot Lover” on this recording, and John was originally being called “Jew-Boy” on side 1. But on side 2, John says he won’t be using that name because he didn’t want people to think he was anti-Semitic. It was really a spontaneous idea that he decided to change after thinking about it. The “Gunshots at 9:50” name came from a real life situation – just before John arrived at Scottie’s apartment, there were gunshots in front of Scottie’s apartment. Then, just as he was about to leave (at 9:50 PM), there were more gunshots. They saw some blood on the sidewalk after that, and the stain was still there two months later when Cooper left California.

Bastion w/ The Emperor’s New Clothes – Mix Down One

Bastion w/ The Emperor’s New Clothes
Mix Down One
1988 (no label)
East Hollywood, California, USA

Scottie Joel Cooper – Vocals
The Emperor’s New Clothes – Instruments

  1. Drawn Black
  2. Helen Told Me
  3. Shall Sodom Burn
  4. Martin Luther King
  5. Valley of Bones
  6. Awake My Lover

This is an interesting rarity – Scottie Joel Cooper of Dethdoor/Erin Peacechild fame doing vocals over a Hollywood band’s music. This was a common thing back in the day when a band was looking for a new vocalist – they would record instrumental songs and ask singers to come up with lyrics and sing over the music. Velvet Revolver was one of the more famous bands that did this, with Michael Knott himself recording some vocals over three of their songs. This particular demo makes an interesting mix of a kind of funky alt metal band with Cooper’s unique vocals over the top of the music – with a Christian take on the vocals. The story goes that the band called Cooper up after words and made fun of him with all kinds of cusswords, claiming they were actually the band Fishbone (which of course, has had the same vocalist since they started). Needless to say, who ever they were, they were not interested in having a Christian as a new vocalist.

Scottie Joel Cooper – Human Patrol

Scottie Joel Cooper
Human Patrol
1987 (no label)

  1. For God So Loved the World
  2. Let the Voices Flow Within Me
  3. Hellfire
  4. Come Into the Presence of the One
  5. When I Awoke This Morning
  6. Human Fear
  7. Shall the Voice of the Prophet Die
  8. Satisfaction Satisfaction
  9. Stand in the Gap
  10. There is Hope
  11. This Recording Brought to You By…
  12. A Storm Blows Across the Sky

This recording was on the back of the Dethdoor – Beyond Death master tape. It is an unreleased project by Cooper. Some of the songs here are covers of earlier ones. This tape is mostly spoken word, with some instruments, found noise, sound effects, and other sounds in the mix as well. There were no track titles with this tape, so I took a guess at the song titles. “Come Into the Presence of the One” is a new version of the track I called “Metaphysical” on his X-Perimental Poetry tape.

Dethdoor – Beyond Death

Beyond Death
1987 Jeru-Slam Records
Pensacola, Florida, USA

Scottie Joel Cooper – Vocals, sounds, instruments

Pain Face:

  1. Introduction
  2. Industrial Generation
  3. This is for You
  4. Hellfire
  5. Human Fear

Hope Face

  1. Ecstasy
  2. DeathDoor
  3. Childhood Bliss
  4. There is Hope
  5. Who Can Write? (unlisted track)
  6. Scottie Talks About the Orthodox Church

This is probably the most well-known release by Scottie Joel Cooper, since it made it into the tape underground thanks to Jeru-Slam Records. I was sent a copy of the original master tape that appears to differ in a few places from the label release. First of all, it has a track list on the inside, so that really helps with the track names. It also has an unreleased album by Cooper on the back. Also, the track “This is For You” is not on the label release. You get the first words “This is for” and then it cuts right to “Hellfire.” Also, the song “DeathDoor” is two parts on the label release (the song and then a child reading the Lord’s Prayer), but it is three parts on this tape (the song, The Lord’s Prayer, and then a spoken word poem about Death Door). There is an unlisted track after “There is Hope” on the master tape, as well as 7 minutes of Cooper talking about the Orthodox Church and why he has chosen to go that path in his beliefs. The sound here is an interesting mixture of spoken word, noise, and industrial elements. Some songs are pure spoken word, while others have interesting metallic beats as a backdrop. Also some bits and pieces of found noise here and there. The only difference between the covers of the label release and this master tape is that someone wrote “Jeru-Slam Records” in blue ink next to “Distributed by:” (and they didn’t include the list of song names).

Scottie Joel Cooper – X-Perimental Poetry

Scottie Joel Cooper
X-Perimental Poetry
1987 (no label)

Scottie Joel Cooper – Vocals, sounds

  1. U2’s “New Years Day”
  2. Under the Sun
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. Let the Voices Flow Within Me

This is more experimental sounds and poetry from Scottie Joel Cooper of Dethdoor fame. This one is much shorter than the other one. It is basically Scottie singing U2’s “New Years Day,” a quick poem, then Scottie singing “Amazing Grace,” and then a longer track of rhythmic bells ringing, various noises, and spoken word/poetic interludes. It may be separate short poems with musical interludes, or the same longer poem with musical interlude between verses. Hard to tell. I put it as one track called “Let the Voices Flow Within Me” because that was the first line… but it also kind of fits the track as a whole. The two singing tracks seemed to have others at least present for the recording – if not contributing to the song, so there might be others involved on this recording as well. The second track I also took a guess at the name.

Missing Information: Some track names

Scottie Joel Cooper – The Beat: 1958

Scottie Joel Cooper
The Beat: 1958
1985 (no label)

Side 1:

  1. Metaphysical [poem]
  2. When I Awoke This Morning [poem]
  3. I’m Not a Neo-Nazi [poem]
  4. [playing harmonica over Lone Justice’s “Sweet, Sweet Baby (I’m Falling)”]
  5. [singing Over U2’s “New Year’s Day”]
  6. 40 [acapella rendition of U2]
  7. Why Does the Heathen Rage? [acapella cover of a local Athens, GA band]
  8. Warrior [acapella rendition of Arkangel]
  9. All the Earth Will Vomit It’s Degenerates [poem]
  10. Golden Axe [acapella]
  11. Walk Forever by My Side [acapella rendition of The Alarm]
  12. [singing Over U2’s “New Year’s Day”]
  13. Theme from Cheers [recorded from TV show]
  14. Girl on the Green [acapella]
  15. Erin Peacechild [poem]
  16. [Jake Owens – sermon on the Kingdom of God, part 1]

Side 2:

  1. [interview with Glenn Stanton President of Right to Life Florida]
  2. [Jake Owens – sermon on the Kingdom of God, part 1]

This is another tape sent in along with Timigen of unreleased music. I’m not sure if I should include these here, but one of the tracks here did make it onto Jeani Bond’s New Generation Tape Show back in the day. There were no track names here, so I came up with what I thought could be possible titles. Part of the track I called “Metaphysical” was played on New Generation. There are basically four types of tracks on here:

Spoken word poetry: 1 (with bongos), 2, 3, and 9
Singing/playing harmonica over another song playing in the background: 4, 5, and 12
Acapella cover songs (and possibly original songs): 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 14
Random stuff: 13, 16, and all of side 2

Some of the acapella songs may also be covers of songs that I have never heard of. The sermon might have been on the tape before it was taped over. The interview with Glenn Stanton is particularly disturbing, as he basically said he supports the bombing of abortion clinics, proving he is not truly “pro-life.” Scottie went on to record the Dethdoor tape, which gained wider distribution.

Missing Information: Actual song titles?